Best Snowboarding Resorts in the U.S., as Ranked by Snowboard Experts

I learned to snowboard in college at a tiny resort in Minnesota called Wild Mountain.  Back then in the late 1990s (I know, I’m dating myself!), some resorts still didn’t allow snowboarding or kept snowboarders segregated from skiers, viewing it as disruptive and dangerous.

But as snowboarding continued to grow in popularity, resorts saw an opportunity to attract a new and enthusiastic group of visitors.  Improved safety measures, terrain park development, and better equipment designs helped ease some of the early concerns.  Many resorts even added dedicated terrain parks and halfpipes, catering specifically to snowboarders.  Today, the vast majority of ski resorts around the world are snowboarder-friendly. Snowboarders and skiers co-exist on the slopes, and there’s a strong sense of community in most winter sports destinations.  In fact, only three resorts remain snowboard-unfriendly – Deer Valley Ski Resort (Utah), Alta Ski Area (Utah) and Mad River Glen (Vermont).

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What Makes a Good Snowboard Resort

Let’s face it – a good ski resort is usually a good snowboard resort.  However, there are some ski resorts that snowboarders prefer more than others.  All snowboarders do not love moguls, so resorts with a variety of slopes are a strong preference.  Snowboarders also appreciate resorts with well-designed lifts and trails that minimize flat or uphill sections. “Cat walks” or flat traverses can be less than enjoyable for snowboarders, as it requires unstrapping one foot and pushing, which can get old quickly.   To help all my fellow riders out there, I’ve gathered a list of the best snowboarding in the U.S., ranked by snowboard experts in the outdoor industry.

Top Snowboard Resorts in the U.S. – As Ranked by Snowboard Experts

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top snowboarding resorts in the country, as ranked by our snowboard experts across the country.  

Mammoth Mountain, California

Location: Eastern Sierra, California

Mammoth Mountain, located in the Eastern Sierra of California, has some of the best snowboarding in California. This resort boasts an impressive 3,500 acres of terrain, making it one of the largest ski areas in the state. Snowboarders love Mammoth for its abundant snowfall, challenging steeps, and renowned terrain parks. With a season that can extend into late spring and even summer, Mammoth is a favorite for those who like spring snowboarding.

Colin Fernie with Black Tie Ski Delivery loves Mammoth for its unmatched terrain variety. “Whether you’re looking to ride groomers, steeps, tree runs, parks…whatever you like to ride, it’s a huge mountain that you’ll never get bored of,” Colin said.  He also adds that Mammoth has phenomenal conditions – riders are either celebrating getting dumped on with a ton of snow or enjoying bluebird sunny California days. 

Looking for snowboard rentals in Mammoth?   We recommend saving the hassle of picking up your gear at all, and have 5-star rated Black Tie Ski Delivery deliver all of your gear right to your accommodation.  Save an extra 10% by booking on TripOutside!

Winter Park Resort, Colorado

Location: Colorado Rockies, Colorado

Winter Park, nestled in the stunning Colorado Rockies, offers some of the best snowboarding in Colorado with a fantastic mix of beginner-friendly and challenging terrain. Its terrain parks are designed for all skill levels, making it an excellent destination for families and riders of varying abilities. The resort’s convenient location, just 67 miles from Denver, makes it an easy weekend getaway. 

Winter Park is the favorite resort of Karinn Koback, Owner/CEO Mountain Threads, a ski clothing rental business based in Denver.  “Mary Jane Baby! Terrain, trees. Get away from crowds and just pure zen on the mountain! It is PURE Colorado,” Karinn raved when we chatted with her about her favorite resorts.

Looking for snowboard rentals in Winter ParkIf you are arriving from Denver and staying near the base village, we recommend renting your gear from 5-star rated Black Tie Ski Delivery, who will deliver exactly what you need right to your accommodation.  Alternatively, you can check out the highly rated Powder Tools snowboard shop or Christy Sports in the nearby town of Winter Park, just a couple miles north of the ski resort. 

Stowe Mountain Resort, Vermont

Location: Green Mountains, Vermont

Stowe Resort is located in the picturesque Green Mountains of Vermont, and comes highly recommended by Norm MacDonald, Sales and Marketing Manager for KitLender, a company that rent outdoor apparel and equipment, shipping it straight to you. “I love Stowe because of the community.  Some people have been here for years, others just one season but we all belong here at Stowe Vermont. That is what makes this place special,” Norm reflected during our email exchange.

Stowe is a must-visit for snowboarders looking for a classic New England experience. With a charming village and a good amount of terrain for all levels, Stowe is one of the best East Coast snowboarding resorts.

For Stowe snowboard rentals, check out Front Four Ski Rentals at the Mansfield base lodge, or Spruce Rental Shop at the Spruce Peak base village.

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Location: Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico

Taos Ski Valley, set in the relatively undiscovered Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, is a hidden gem for snowboarders.  It’s known for its challenging terrain and ungroomed backcountry runs, but also has a good amount of beginner and intermediate terrain.  

When Taos gets a big storm, it pays to be up at Taos Ski Valley because the road up the mountain can shut down until the dumping eases.  This means you’ll have the slopes practically to yourselves!  Added bonus:  Taos is one of a handful of ski resorts that allow RV camping – right in a lot at Ski Valley.

My partner Reet Singh, Co-Founder of TripOutside, points to Taos as one of his favorite resorts for snowboarding.  “We love the incredible powder up on Kachina Peak.  Hiking up makes the descent even more worth it – earn your turns!”  Reet says.  There is also a Kachina Peak lift, but it can be frequently closed – especially during snow storms.

Taos opened to snowboarders in 2008 after many decades of a ski-only policy.  Now they welcome snowboarders with an all-inclusive vibe, thanks in part to the Free Taos movement spearheaded by longtime local Christof Brownell.

Taos Ski Valley offers snowboard rentals right in the base village for guests staying in the village or those who want to pick up their gear at the slopes.  We recommend the 5-star rated Cottam’s Taos Ski Valley, located just steps from the lifts. For pickup in the town of Taos, Cottam’s Downtown Taos offers fantastic service and top quality snowboard rentals before heading to the mountain.

Copper Mountain, Colorado

Location: Summit County, Colorado

Copper Mountain is a mecca for snowboarders in the heart of Summit County, Colorado. The resort is high on the list of best snowboarding resorts in Colorado.  Known as the “athlete’s mountain” for its superpipe, well built terrain parks and big air competitions, Copper attracts riders from all over the world.  The resort’s renowned Woodward Copper Terrain Park is where riders come to fine tune their park and freestyle skills.  According to Joey Shine, Office Manager at Black Tie Ski Delivery in Summit County, “For snowboarders, Copper Mountain is the best pick in Summit County as far as terrain and parks, and is the most snowboard friendly of the big three: Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain.”  During our chat, he went on to explain that Breck and Keystone have more flat areas on the mountain where snowboarders get stuck and may even have to unstrap, and the terrain park at Copper is far nicer than other nearby resorts.  The variety of terrain, including tree runs, moguls and parks, make it a top pick for riders.

Snowboard rentals in Copper Mountain include on-mountain rental shops, options in the nearby town, or even convenient delivery services.  If you are looking for the best value, check out Christy Sports in Frisco, just 10 minutes away from Copper and on the way to the resort from Denver.  On the mountain, we recommend Christy Sports Snowflake, and if you are looking for rentals right in town, Charter Sports Taylor’s Crossing is a good pick. For the best snowboard rental delivery, choose the 5-star rated Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery Copper Mountain.

Heavenly Ski Resort, California/Nevada

Location: Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Heavenly Resort, straddling the border of California and Nevada on the shores of Lake Tahoe, ranks high on California’s best snowboarding resorts. It’s also aptly named – with spectacular lake views and an expansive trail network, it’s a snowboarder’s paradise. The resort offers a wide variety of both challenging runs and wide-open groomers, making it suitable for riders of all levels and families.

Heavenly comes highly recommended by Joe Robb, owner of Black Tie Ski South Tahoe for its huge amount of open terrain and uncrowded slopes, tree skiing and easy transitions.  Heavenly’s location on the shores of Lake Tahoe mean they get plenty of snow, and the resort also boasts one of the most expansive snow making systems in the world.  

Snowboard rentals in Heavenly can be picked up at one of four different base areas, or delivered right to your accommodation with Black Tie Ski Delivery South Tahoe.  Heavenly Village Gondola base area is best for walking to and from the slopes – check out The Boarding House.  California Base Lodge is also on the California side at the base of the mountain on the outskirts of town, and has the best parking

options.  Winter Wonderland Ski Shop is a great option at this base.  Two other base areas are in Heavenly North on the Nevada side off Nevada Route 207: Heavenly Sports Boulder Lodge is in the beginner friendly Boulder Lodge base, and  Heavenly Sports Stagecoach Lodge is located at the local’s choice Stagecoach Lodge base.

Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

Location: San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Telluride’s location in the rugged and remote San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado provides breathtaking scenery and a lack of lift lines for those who venture south.  With terrain that ranges from groomed runs to extreme chutes, Telluride offers something for every rider. The historic town of Telluride is a charming backdrop to this winter wonderland.

Telluride landed on our list from the recommendation of Sean Park, Store Manager at Christy Sports, who told us, “What makes Telluride great is its steep hike-to terrain. If you like type 2 fun and shredding down steep and deep couloirs, then it’s the mountain for you.”

Telluride makes it easy to rent snowboard gear with shops in town, near the Telluride base village gondola, and on the mountain.  If you want to rent in town near the base of Telluride Ski Resort, we recommend booking online with the highly rated Christy Sports Oak Street or Alpineer Main Street.  For slopeside rentals in Telluride Mountain Village, rent online with Bootdoctors Mountain Village, and pick up your gear slopeside.  Or save the hassle of picking up gear at all, and have Black Tie Ski Delivery deliver all of your gear right to your accommodation.  Save an extra 10% by booking on TripOutside!

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Location: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Arapahoe Basin, often referred to as “A-Basin,” is a locals’ favorite Colorado resort known for its high-altitude, open bowls, and close knit community of riders. It’s one of the closer resorts to Denver, at just 86 miles from the Denver airport.

Justin Ibarra, Director of Operations and Lead Guide for Colorado Adventure Guides nominates A-Basin as his favorite snowboarding resort, explaining, “The mountain is very snowboarder-friendly with a top to bottom layout providing easier access to get from one side of the mountain to the other without long and flat cat tracks. The terrain that Arapahoe Basin offers is excellent for my preferred style of riding – which is more freeride style – and the overall feel of the mountain is geared more towards intermediate to advanced riding. Lastly, the resort still has a small, local vibe compared to some of the larger ski resorts around.”

Looking for snowboard rentals in Arapahoe Basin?   We recommend saving the hassle of picking up your gear at all, and have 5-star rated Black Tie Ski Delivery deliver all of your gear right to your accommodation.  Save an extra 10% by booking on TripOutside!

Map of Best Snowboarding Resorts

These curated resort recommendations from snowboard experts are just a few of the outstanding U.S. snowboarding resorts.  Head to one of these resorts for your next snowboarding adventure and you can be confident that you are riding some of the best slopes in the country.

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