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Moab Bike Shuttle

Hazard County offers Moab’s only bike shuttle servicing four top trail systems – Porcupine Rim, LPS, Falcon Flow & Mag-7.  Their Moab bike shuttles operate out of Falcon Flow Parking Lot, Jaycee Campground, Moab Brand Trails / Bar M, Porcupine Rim Parking Lot, and Rim Cyclery.  Leave your car at the end of the trail and shuttle up to the start.  This allows you to finish the day at the end of the trail, with no need to ride into town, hitchhike back up, or drop 2 cars.

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Porcupine Rim Shuttle / LPS and the Pre-Enchilada Early Bird Moab Bike Shuttle

Hazard County Shuttle picks up at the Porcupine Rim parking area, located along the beautiful Colorado River adjacent to Grandstaff Campground. This is the end of the Whole Enchilada trail system and the world-famous Porcupine Rim mountain biking trail. Porcupine Rim is one of Moab’s original trails which helped to make the Moab area a mountain biking mecca. Their Moab bike shuttle services the Porcupine Rim trail, LPS, and the Pre-Enchilada Early Bird Shuttle from this parking area.

Parking your car here will provide fast and easy access to your vehicle. Which means immediate food, water, and shelter once your ride is complete. If you rented a bike in town, this is a great option for you, ensuring that you return it to the bike shops on time, and avoid additional costly rental charges.

There are numerous reasons why people don’t or can’t ride back to town after an epic day of riding in Moab. Whether it’s a mechanical, lack of food or water, encroaching weather, injury, or pure exhaustion, we’ve got you covered.

Moab Bike Shuttle Trip OutsideFalcon Flow Shuttle

Falcon Flow is Moab’s newest trail that opened in the Spiring of 2020. It’s a quick rip through the high desert of Moab Utah. Fun for all levels with nothing too challenging. The upper portion is a flowey stretch which requires little pedaling and is littered with Junipers and beautiful scenery. Midway through the trail is a brief climbing section which provides stunning views of the La Sal Mountains and red rock formations below. The final leg has some high speed single track with interspersed slickrock ,sand, and rocky sections.

Link it up

After your ride is complete you can either choose to head back to town via Sand Flats road or log in some additional miles on the world famous Slickrock trail 10.6 miles (17 km). The Slickrock trail is often referred to as one of the best bike rides in America. It is rated black diamond in difficulty with steep exposed climbs and descents. There is also a practice loop which is only 2.3 miles (3.7 km) in length.

Falcon flow moab bike shuttle

Mag 7 Shuttle

The Magnificent 7 or Mag-7 trail system should be on every rider’s bucket list. It is a fantastic network of trails, linking the upper and lower portions of Gemini Bridges Road. The trail can be ridden in a number of different ways, but best when shuttled to, and ridden as a 26-mile point to point. There are many options to choose from when it comes to connecting the trails. The trails that can be linked up in the Mag-7 area are Gemini Bridges, Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Great Escape, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Golden Spike, and The Poison Spider Trail, with an option to finish down the infamous Moab Portal Trail.

Exit Locations

There are three main exit locations on the Mag-7 trail. Hazard County Moab Bike Shuttle provides you with the ability to exit the trail at any one of these locations without having to ride back into town.

  1. Gemini Bridges Road (intermediate/advanced riders)
  2. Poison Spider (expert riders)
  3. Portal Trail (expert riders)

BAR-M / Moab Brands – Intermediate / Advanced Riders (most popular!)

This is a great option if you want to skip Gold Bar, Portal, and Poison Spider. Exit Gemini Bridges road, and proceed on the paved bike path to the tunnel under HWY 191. If your legs are still fresh, log some additional miles on the Moab Brands/Bar-M single tracks. The area is quite user-friendly and has trail maps located at each trail.

Poison Spider Mesa Trail – Advanced Riders

This option allows you to ride the famous Gold Bar Rim trail and bypass the Portal trail. You will ride the Poison Spider trail, finishing at the Poison Spider Trailhead parking lot, located on Potash Road / HWY 279. By parking your car here and hopping on Hazard County Shuttle, you will alleviate riding the additional 8-11 miles back to town. Riding Mag-7 is a long enough ride in itself! No one wants to ride in a headwind back to town.

Portal Trail – expert riders only recommended

The Portal Trail is a significantly advanced single track, and is suggested for highly advanced and expert riders ONLY. It has extremely narrow exposed sections, combined with super technical moves. People have died on this trail! We do not advise the mindset of “I’ll just hike the technical sections”. This endangers other riders that are trying to clean these sections. The trail is very narrow, leaving no room to navigate around bottlenecks that occur, when people hike their bikes down. If you are riding the Portal trail, park your car at the Jaycee Campground located on Potash Road / HWY 279.

mag 7 shuttle moab

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