Outfitter Feature: Keweenaw Adventure Company

Are you looking for outdoor adventure in upper Michigan – paddling Lake Superior or mountain biking Copper Harbor’s renowned trail network?  Look no further.  Keweenaw Adventure Company is TripOutside’s go-to partner for discovering the beauty of the far northern tip of Michigan.  Discover world class kayaking on Lake Superior, ride internationally recognized singletrack at Copper Harbor, or explore the remote and wild Isle Royale National Park.

Keweenaw Adventure Company specializes in Lake Superior sea kayak adventures and Copper Harbor mountain bike rentals and tours. The company offers guided 1/2 day, full day and multi-day kayak tours on Lake Superior and Isle Royale National Park.   They are the only kayak excursion company in the area that offers both single and tandem kayak options for tours!  KAC rents high end mountain bikes for the extensive Copper Harbor trail system, and offers guided tours to show off the best of their singletrack.


Copper Harbor is the northernmost town in Michigan.  It is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula which is marked by wild scenery, rugged shorelines and sweeping Lake Superior vistas. It is also the gateway to Isle Royale, a remote wilderness island that is one of the least-visited but most spectacular National Parks.  The remoteness and small population of the Keweenaw Peninsula has allowed it to remain relatively unchanged since it’s namesake copper boom in the 1800s.

Biking Copper Harbor

In Copper Harbor, you’ll find 85 miles of world-class mountain biking trails.  Options range from beginner-friendly trails heading out of town, to the gravity and flow singletrack of the Copper Harbor trail system. The Copper Harbor trails are awarded the Silver Level Ride Center recognition by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) – proof that these trails are some of the world’s best!

For gravel riding and adventurous explorers, the Keweenaw Peninsula has many miles of logging roads and jeep trails that traverse the uninhabited tip of the peninsula, with access to remote Lake Superior shorelines, State Forest and Conservancy lands.

copper harbor bike rental

Kayaking Copper Harbor

Sea kayaking on Lake Superior is a must-do while spending time in the Copper Harbor area. Kayaking in this unique area allows visitors to explore rocky shorelines, uninhabited barrier islands, and unique rock formations. The Keweenaw Water Trail is a 100+ mile route designed for sea kayak tours that circumnavigates the tip of the peninsula.

Keweenaw’s many inland lakes and marshes make Copper Harbor a popular destination for kayak rentals.  These pristine and serene lakes are the perfect place to get away from it all.

keweenaw peninsula kayaking


In business for more than 25 years, Keweenaw Adventure Company is Keweenaw County’s first guide and outfitter.  They specialize in world-class Lake Superior sea kayaking tours and epic mountain biking excursions in Copper Harbor. KAC believes in connecting people with nature through human-powered experiences. This mission is easily fulfilled through their multi-day sea kayak tours and adventure gear rentals for mountain biking and paddling.  The team is dedicated to upholding safety, offering state of the art equipment, and delivering stellar customer service.

More than just a retail shop and outfitter, they have also built their reputation as advocates, trail builders, community organizers and folks who like to have a good time!

Keweenaw Biking Adventures


As Keweenaw’s local bike shop for more than 2 decades, KAC has the bikes and gear that riders need for an awesome riding experience in Copper Harbor. Hop on a Kona or a Trek mountain bike rental to experience Keweenaw’s technical trails. With a large variety of models from enduro/technical trail mountain bikes for the adrenaline fanatics to full suspension 29” and 27.5” models for cross-country enthusiasts, to hardtail 29ers for the climbing purists and those just getting into the sport, they have the bike for you.  KAC also has impressive bike fleets for kids!

KAC is located right across the street from the main trailhead, making it the perfect place to rent a bike for your Copper Harbor mountain biking adventure.

copper harbor mountain bike rental


Copper Harbor Singletrack Adventure

This customizable 2.5-hour guided mountain bike adventure is perfect for beginners & families seeking some basic instruction, or for intermediate and experienced riders looking for the insider scoop on the Copper Harbor trails!  Explore historic locations, uninhabited Lake Superior shoreline, inland lakes, streams and waterfalls, old-growth forests and high-point panoramic views.

Copper Harbor Singletrack Adventure

This customizable 5-hour guided mountain bike adventure is excellent for ambitious beginners to experienced riders!  Delve into the uninhabited “Lands End”, world-class singletrack trails that will take your breath away! Ride the twists, turns and jumps at the tip of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

Keweenaw Kayaking Adventures


Porter’s Island Kayak Tour

This 2.5-hour guided kayak tour is KAC’s most popular tour, and is great for novices, families & those just wanting to get out on Lake Superior.

Following basic kayak instruction on land with some of the best kayaking guides in Michigan, test your new paddling skills on Lake Superior. Explore the ancient rock shoreline, an uninhabited island and learn about the history of the largest natural harbor on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Learn about the formation of the Lake Superior basin, and hear stories of the powerful lake’s many shipwrecks.

Sunsets are a particularly special time to be on the lake. Paddlers bid farewell to the day to vibrant colors highlighting the sky as the sun drops into the lake.

Agate Harbor Kayaking Tour

KAC’s featured tour is 5 hours (not including transport), with up to 8 miles of paddling and lunch.  This tour is great for adventurous individuals and families wanting to explore one of the most picturesque areas in the Upper Peninsula.

Following a short shuttle drive down the scenic coast and a basic kayak instruction on land, you will get to explore this area that most closely resembles the scenery of the Keweenaw Peninsula’s sister rock, Isle Royale National Park.

The tour paddles along a chain of barrier islands, explores the “arch rock”, finger bays and protected coves.  Wildlife sightings are common including bald eagles, loon and other water fowl.

Bare Bluff Kayaking Tour

Bare Bluff is their showcase full-day tour, which includes up to 15 miles of paddling over 7 hours (not including transport).  It is great for experienced paddlers and those most adventurous looking to sea kayak the Keweenaw Peninsula.

You’ll explore some of the most dramatic scenery in Michigan including 600’ sea cliffs, sea caves, arches and sea stacks that rise up like pillars from the water.  Includes lunch at one of the Peninsula’s most remote and scenic waterfalls.

copper harbor kayak tours


Sit on Top Kayak Rentals

Keweenaw Adventure Company rents single and tandem sit on top kayaks perfect for paddling the many inland lakes of the peninsula.  They will even deliver and pick up the kayak rental to the lake for a small fee!

Sea Kayak Rentals

Keweenaw Adventure Company rents sea kayaks for self-guided adventures.  Sea kayak rentals require a fundamental water safety course completion (or equivalent test out) and include:

  • Sea kayak (Boreal Design) equipped with a rudder, deck-lines and two hatches with bulkheads
  • Paddle, spray skirt, life vest (PFD), wetsuit, bilge pump, paddle float, a whistle and at least 2 dry bags per person


Five Star Reviews 

The consistent 5-star reviews on Google and other travel sites speak volumes to the service offered by KAC. With friendly guides, knowledgeable staff, and carefully crafted adventures, you can never go wrong with Keweenaw Adventure Company.

Their Location Can’t be Beat

Location, Location, Location! Centrally located in “downtown” Copper Harbor, they are directly across the street from the mountain bike trailhead and their kayak livery is nestled within the protected harbor.  Lastly, they offer point-to-point shuttles for kayaking, canoeing, SUPs, biking or backpacking!

They are Committed to Responsible Tourism

KAC is passionate about contributing to the region’s well-being through education, stewardship, conservation and sustainable tourism.  KAC team is a guide & outfitter company that truly values, respects and supports our pristine natural areas, our culturally rich heritage, our local community and economy.  Read more about their commitment to Responsible Tourism!

Highly Recommended and Trustworthy 

As Keweenaw County’s first guide and outfitter, established in 1994, they have a knowledge of the best trails, hiking spots, and the most scenic kayaking routes. They know Keweenaw by heart!  You can trust that they’ll provide you with the best tours and equipment for your Keweenaw adventure.

KAC purchases state-of-the-art top brand name rental equipment each year and has an excellent safety record. Additionally, the staff are professionals with credentials and certifications!

How to Get to Keweenaw Peninsula

From Chicago

  • Fly:  from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Houghton County Memorial Airport (1.5 hours).  Then rent a car for the 41-mile drive to Copper Harbor.
  • Drive:  460 miles in approximately 8 hours.

From Minneapolis

  • Drive: 415 miles in approximately 7 hours.

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