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EP 18: Kayaking in Miami with Clear View Kayaks Podcast

Kayaking in Miami with Clear View Kayaks Podcast

The next stop on our virtual adventure was in Miami, Florida with the “Island Guys” from Clear View Kayaks.

There is more to Miami than just the partying. Brooke and Santi thought so as well and decided to pursue their passions and start exploring the canals, the backwaters and the islands around South Florida.

They love taking visitors and locals out to explore the hidden gems of Miami by water on clear view kayaks by day and night, and have their own unique mix of outdoors and exploration. They’re innovators who enjoy creating fun new outdoor activities while preserving nature.

Fun fact: Clear View Kayaks is the only kayaking company to be acknowledged by the Miami Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves Adopt-An-Island program. They contracted the “Island Guys” to maintain & cleanup the island.

Segments from the episode:

[00:00] – Intro

[1:30] – How Clear View Kayaks got started

[8:45] – What people miss when visiting Miami

[10:25] – Exploring the waterways of Downtown Miami

[11:45] – Costs for tours and rentals in Miami

[14:40] – Other outdoor things to do in Miami

[19:00] – Kite surfing near South Beach

[20:30] – Clear View’s busiest time of year

[21:55] – How they adopted an island

[26:00] – The importance of human-powered activities

[32:00] – Embracing Nature


To book your next human-powered adventure in Miami visit us here: https://www.tripoutside.com/s/miami-fl/any/

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