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Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Tour

Wildlife • On the Water • Small Group Sizes
5 stars, (111)

Duration: 6 hours

La Ventana, Baja California Sur


On the Water
Small Group Sizes
$160 6 HOURS


Snorkeling Tour Details

Discover the hidden gem of La Ventana, Baja - a small fisherman village with a big personality! Join an adventure to explore the rich marine life of the Sea of Cortez. Experience the calmest waters during morning excursions, as you head towards Isla Cerralvo in search of diverse wildlife. Spot jumping rays, breaching whales, and more in some of the world's most biodiverse waters. Immerse yourself in various snorkeling spots, searching for even more breathtaking marine life, before returning to shore in the early afternoon. Book your adventure today to uncover the best-kept secret in Baja, away from the crowds of Cabo, La Paz, and Todos Santos.


6 hour Boat trip - Each trip customizable to each group, example itinerary:

  • Set off in search of various pelagic animals
  • Visit snorkel spots
  • Final search for marine life
  • Return to land

Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez wasn’t called the World’s Aquarium by Jacques Cousteau for nothing! Isla Cerralvo is Baja’s most southern Island in the California Gulf, making it a meeting point Megafauna and pelagic fish. Every day is a surprise and you can see different marine life throughout each season of the year.      

Tours are available year round. Below are the main seasons, but the shoulder seasons are the months either side that can still see the species.

Whales: January - April (but still appear randomly throughout all of the year)

Mobula Rays: Main Season April - June & Sub Season November - January

Giant Oceanic Manta Rays: June - October

Dolphins, Sea Lions & if really lucky Orcas: All Year Round

Why Choose Baja Wild Expeditions

Baja Wild Encounters focuses on ethical and regenerative travel experiences. They hire a network of local captains who are experts at spotting wildlife. In Baja, Mexico, where shark fishing has been legal and regulated since the 1970’s, coupled with a long history illegal fishing and poaching, the regional shark population has plummeted 70 percent due to overfishing. The local shark fisherman - Tiburoneros - face harsh conditions miles from the coast, on a small boat, where everything can go wrong, but for many of these fisherman there are no alternatives. They continue to fish in a risky industry and for low wages as it’s their only known source of income.

Baja Wild Encounters provides alternative economic benefits by hiring the local fisherman, their boats, and their knowledge of the waters at a guaranteed fair and above-market salary. They are proud to support the local communities and families while helping to conserve the nature around them.

They also focus on wildlife education throughout the tour, giving you the opportunity to learn about the wildlife and how to respect the wildlife you observe.

Pictures and videos (including drone and underwater GoPro videos!) are included in the tour, and will be sent following the tour. They also provide food and water during the tour.

What’s Included

Captain & Guide

Snorkel Gear at request (Wetsuits not included but can be ordered ahead of time)

Light food


(Boat tour will be in a Panga boat - image shows our Panga - Max 7 explorers in small panga and Max 10 in big Panga)

Not Included


Flights/transfers to La Ventana

Tips/gratuity (10%-15% of trip price is customary but is at your discretion)

Transaction fees (2.9-5%)

What to Bring

Wetsuit from October to May we recommend a wetsuit

Warm clothing (not necessary in summer) - it can get cold in the early morning outside of the Summer months and with the wind.

Rain jacket/wind breaker (not necessary in summer) - the wind chill can be cold, and the water can splash into the boat

Sunscreen/protection - it can also get really sunny and warm during the day - please bring biodegradable, as normal sun protection is damaging for the reefs.

Sea sickness pills - if you are prone to nausea - it can get quite wavey on the boat.

A good attitude, this is nature, there are no guarantees with what we can see, we will use our experience and expertise to put you in the best places possible for sightings but there is always a chance that you won’t see anything.


What kind of boat is used?

Baja Wild supports local captains and use their fishing “Panga” boats. They are sturdy boats with shade from the sun and dry storage to keep your belongings safe. There’s space for up to 10 people, although generally they keep it to 6-8 people per trip unless more are requested.

Can you swim with marine life?

PLEASE NOTE: The marine life is number 1 priority, not your money, if at ANY point they feel that the animals do not want to interact, then they will be left alone. Baja Wild is a conscious company and is very focused on not disrupting the animals. They want to make your experience as fun as possible and give you the best interactions with animals, but never at the harm of any wildlife.

Whales (Humpback, Grey, Blue, Fin, Sperm)

It is prohibited to swim with Whales in Mexico, however if you are on a dive, or swimming with other marine life that we are allowed to swim with (e.g. Bait Balls and Marlin) and a Whale comes along then it is accepted.

Orcas & Dolphins, Sea Lions, Mantas, Mobula Rays, Marlin, Turtles, Sharks & all Fish

Yes, absolutely! And often they will interact with us humans! They follow best practices to respect the Marine life and not disrupt them with the boat and entering the water. This gives a better interaction with the animals and also protects them.

Do the boats harm the whales?

Baja Wild Encounters does their very best not to harm any Animals. They don’t harass the Marine Life, and use techniques to make the Marine Life feel comfortable enough to approach. If at any point the Animals do not want to interact with us then they will leave them alone and look for others to interact with. Is it possible to see other marine life (whales, dolphins, etc)?

Yes! The beauty of Baja is that it brings many surprises! Baja has 5 of the 10 largest Whales in the World, it is home to many species of Dolphins, Orcas, Sharks and many different birds.

What is the cancellation policy?

More than 48 hours of the tour start time, we will return 50% of your payment.

Within 48 hours of the tour start time, your payment is non refundable.



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