EP 7: Surfing near Santa Barbara

Surfing Lessons Santa Barbara

Surfing can be a very challenging and scary sport to get into, but the rewards that it offers are truly worth giving it a shot. Take the stress out of learning surfing and try a lesson with iSurf.

This conversation was more than just surfing. It was about trying hard things, things that are not going to be easy to master right away, and not always a 100% guarantee of a good time. But, these hard things teach us more about ourselves and can provide so much value to our life like finding a state of presence, being patient, and helping us find calm in our daily lives.

We love what iSurf is doing to help support women with their non-profit organization. I hope that this conversation inspires you to go out and try hard things, whether it is surfing or another activity. Find yourself overcoming your fears and gaining confidence in the process.

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