EP 10: How to select skis and snowboards. Should you buy or rent? Find out with Colin from Black Tie Skis – Mammoth

Choosing the right skis or snowboard as a first-time buyer can be overwhelming, so we sat down to chat with the experts at Black Tie Skis – Mammoth. Colin explains the decisions that go into picking out the right skis based on height, weight, snow conditions, and style.

We also talk about whether you should rent or buy and what you should buy (boots) vs. rent.

I hope that you find this conversation as helpful as I did. We got to learn so much about gear selection and the amount of work that goes behind the scenes of getting us on the mountain.
Chapters: 0:00

Welcome Colin from Black Tie Ski Rental Mammoth

0:48 Is Mammoth Mountain open for skiing for the 2021 season and what are the COVID restrictions?

04:10 What should you consider before booking a ski trip to Mammoth in 2021?

06:00 How to decide what type of skis or snowboard to buy or rent?

08:50 The importance of boot fitting

11:00 How does the style of skiing impact the ski and snowboard selection?

16:00 What are the factors to consider when buying or renting a snowboard?

18:25 What goes into Black Tie Ski Rental on the backend to get you the perfect ski fitting

21:26 What’s a good time to buy used or demo skis?

23:00 Renting skis vs. buying? How many days do you need to ski to make a good ROI on the ski purchase?

25:40 Benefits and reasons to buy your boots

26:40 FAQs on ski rental delivery

28:30 What do you love about Mammoth Mountain?

32:29 What do you love about the town of Mammoth?

We also chat about Mammoth Mountain and what makes it an amazing ski destination that needs to get added to your “must ride” list.

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