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Ep 32. Biking in Breckenridge Podcast

Outdoor things to do in Breckenridge in the summer:

  • Live music, fly fishing, rafting near Breckenridge, paved path biking (electric and regular), and mountain biking

What’s the best time to visit Breckenridge for the summer?

  • July 4th is the official start of the summer. July, August, and September are the best. In late September there can be a chance of early-season snow.
  • It’s not as busy as in the winter because people are outdoors and spread out.

The cycling culture in Breckenridge:

  • Varied bike culture, something for everyone

Bike Path / Paved biking in Breckenridge:

  • Bike path – you can bike all the way to Dillon even Vail. In town riding, there are bike lanes and bike paths all over town.
  • E-bikes are an incredible way to get around and are a great equalizer because you’re at 9600 feet.

Mountain biking in Breckenridge

  • Mountain biking: There is everything for beginners to advanced riders.
    • There is a bus that you can load your bike on and a shuttle and Breckenridge Ski and Sport also offers a shuttle
    • Breckenridge Ski Resort offers Lift service / Downhill biking
    • Skate park – Frisco bike park for dirt jumps, pump track, and slope slide lines. The park is great for improving skills for pumping, jumps, and turns.

Breckenridge mountain biking trails

  • Beginner: Blue river trail is a great beginner biking trail that locals use for commuting.
  • Flumes trail – bike out of town. Fast and flowy without too many obstacles.
  • Intermediate/advanced – Eastside trail, it finishes in town and you can grab a snack when you’re done.
  • Natural style cross country trails without the worry of massive drops or jumps
  • Riding downhill is a workout but you don’t have to worry about elevation as much

Mountain biking tips in Breckenridge

  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Start early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms
  • Wear sunscreen
  • It’s easy and accessible to get your lift ticket and get out on the mountain.
  • Check Breckenridge Resort’s website for the opening date for lift assist mountain biking season start.

E-biking Breckenridge

  • We rent e-bikes, they are very user-friendly and come with built-in bike racks, you can run errands around town.
  • With electric-assist bikes, you have to pedal but it helps tremendously.
  • Riding from Breckenridge to Frisco offers some beautiful views, especially around Lake Dillon
  • Range: They have a long-range due to 4 modes. The range can vary based on weight, extra load, how much uphill, and how much assist you’re using.

Visiting Breckenridge without renting a car

  • Visit Breckenridge without renting a car and get around on your e-bike!
  • You can get multi-day rentals and keep the charger and even have the bike delivered to you.

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