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EP 27: Learn to Mountain Bike in Sedona with local MTB expert Evan Puglia

Sedona Mountain Bike Academy is an outfitter based in Sedona, AZ that helps mountain bikers become better riders.

In fact, Julie and I took a lesson with them a little while back and I felt like I had improved overnight because of it.

In today’s episode, we were joined by Evan Puglia to talk through everything mountain biking and give you a few pointers on how you can become a better rider yourself.

Segments from this episode:

[00:00] – Intro
[2:10] – Evan’s background as a rider
[7:15] – The team at Sedona Mountain Biking Academy
[9:45] – Common errors in mountain biking
[17:00] – The fears of getting into mountain biking
[22:20] – Evan’s favorite trails to ride
[25:00] – Some of the challenges Sedona trails are facing
[29:30] – How to properly set up your mountain bike

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