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EP 25: Dvorak Expeditions with Bill Dvorak

8-day classical music rafting trips, climbing 14ers, and lobbying for wildlife conservation.

Outdoor educators and outdoorsman, Bill and Jaci Dvorak founded Dvorak Expeditions in 1985 in the scenic Arkansas River Valley in Salida, Colorado. As early pioneers of western whitewater river rafting in the Rocky Mountains, Dvorak Expeditions owns the first outfitter license by the state of Colorado.

At last count, Dvorak Expeditions has accumulated over 60,000 miles of river running experience, and Bill Dvorak has personally instructed the Dvorak Expeditions guide-training course for over 35 years.

In today’s episode, we were joined by Bill Dvorak to talk about everything they’ve built and learned over the last 40 years of being in the rafting industry.

Segments from this episode:

[00:00] – Intro
[03:58] – Different adventures in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado
[8:00] – Impact of cleaning up the river
[12:26] – Wilderness bills and lobbying for wildlife conservation
[16:00] – The beauty of the Arkansas River
[21:00] – The best time to go rafting in Colorado
[24:45] – Trends in outdoor recreation
[26:05] – Tips for climbing a 14er
[28:55] – 8-day classical music rafting trips?
[32:30] – Day to day operations of running an outfitter

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