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EP 16: Kayaking in Orlando FL podcast with Local Expert Greg Pflug

Kayaking in Orlando FL podcast with Local Expert Greg Pflug

The next stop on our virtual adventure was in Orlando, Florida to visit Greg Pflug, the Owner of Adventures in Florida, Wekiva Outfitters, and Econ Outfitters.

One of the most passionate adventurers we’ve met, Greg has been actively exploring the great outdoors since he left college in the early ’90s to hike the Appalachian Trail.

These days he spends most of his time guiding tours and exploring the waterways of Florida and around the world.

Segments from the episode:

[0:00] – Intro

[2:00] – What’s the most popular tour they offer in Florida?

[3:45] – What causes bioluminescence?

[4:30] – When’s the best time to experience bioluminescence in Florida?

[6:45] – What to do while paddling with manatees

[12:00] – Should you be worried about alligators?

[13:10] – Greg’s favorite expedition trips

[18:00] – How to book a trip with them while in Orlando

[20:40] – How did Greg get into paddling and running an outfitter?

[25:34] – Advice for anyone interested in starting an outfitter business

[26:50] – Working with the county to start an outfitting business

[30:00] – Responsible recreation when padding

[34:00] – What’s so special about paddling sports?

To listen to today’s full episode or book your next human-powered trip in Florida, visit us at https://www.tripoutside.com/orlando-fl/

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