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EP 11: Take a wildlife safari and see Dolphins with Charleston SUP Safaris

Charelston SUP Safari Podcast

Take an eco-tour or SUP Safari in Folly Beach on your next visit to the Charleston, SC area. Today, we chatted with Jon about the safaris that offer dolphin viewing in their natural habitat. They also offer river and surf lessons, rentals, SUP yoga and fitness. I had a pleasure chatting with Jon about his personal journey and what led him to start the company as well as his draw to the southeast after traveling the world and visiting 38 countries.

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Chapters from the podcast

[0:23] How’d you get into paddling and paddle surfing?

[07:56] How did you start Charleston SUP Safari?

[11:00] What are some of the tours that you offer? What makes it a Safari?

[15:15] More on the Dolphins, their family and pod structure

[19:25] How the community outreach program helps the children in the area find a passion for nature

[22:36] How Y2O (Youth 2 Ocean) is helping kids get outdoors

[24:25] How getting out in nature has an impact on kids

[27:45] How do SUP lessons work and getting started with SUPing?

[31:00] How hard is Paddle Surfing to start as a sport?

[34:00] What are some other fun things to do in Folly Beach?

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did and take a trip to Folly Beach soon!


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