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Ep.12 Burn and Earn Calories with Buffalo Bike Tours

Ep. 12 Burn and Earn Calories with Buffalo Bike Tours

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Based in Buffalo, New York, Buffalo Bike Tours gives you the opportunity to see all aspects of the city while burning and earning calories along the way. Travel via bike through historic Buffalo New York and explore all of the local food places and culture that Buffalo has to offer. Known across the united states for their Buffalo chicken wings, Buffalo shares many more rich cultural aspects and is a great place to explore.


What was the inspiration behind starting Buffalo Bike Tours

[04:20] Combining your passions and your life with your business

[07:28] How did you get start running the tours?

[11:00] Bringing exciting new entertainment tours to Buffalo

[17:03] What are some fun things to do around Buffalo?

[20:25] What’s the best time to visit Buffalo?

[21:00] What are some of the tours that you offer?

[23:20] The story of John Young, the Original King of Buffalo Wings.

Thanks again to Marc Moscato for joining me and sharing more about Buffalo Bike Tours. Book your next human-powered adventure in Buffalo.

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