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San Juan Snorkeling & Diving Tours

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Whether you are vacationing in San Juan or on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, whether your a novice snorkeler or an experienced diver, Aqua Adventure has an underwater adventure for you. From snorkeling trips to SNUBA® and scuba, they offer adventures for anyone looking to discover what is beneath the waves.

Thrill seekers can find many surprises as they enter the waters of Puerto Rico.  Aqua Adventures offers underwater adventures in snorkel and dive spots that harbor tons of colorful tropical fish, great expansions of coral reefs, sea turtles, stingrays, spotted eagle rays, dolphins, manatees, and, depending on the time of the year (February-March), even humpback whales.

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If you’re ready to take the plunge, Aqua Adventure offers scuba diving, SNUBA® adventures, and snorkeling trips to let you experience Puerto Rico’s stunning waters.  They offer underwater adventures in San Juan, all-day excursions in Fajardo and trips to tropical islands like Culebra Island!

Snorkeling Tours

Enjoy a classic San Juan snorkeling experience near the beautiful beaches of the capital city, beach hop near the Fajardo Islands, or explore the enchanting Culebra Island! You don’t need to know how to swim to snorkel, but it does help to be comfortable in the water.

SNUBA & Sea Trek Tours

Not a certified diver? No worries! Book a Sea Trek tour to become an underwater astronaut as you put on a helmet that allows you to walk underwater. The Sea Trek helmet safely delivers air to you, allowing you to walk freely underneath the waves.

Or choose a SNUBA® diving experience to safely explore the marine life and beautiful coral reefs.  SNUBA®  allows you to dive down as far as fifteen feet and stay down much longer than snorkeling.  Your SNUBA® tank is attached to a raft at the surface so you can breathe underwater. Check out all of our stunning locations: San Juan, Fajardo, and Culebra Island!

Scuba Diving Tours

Aqua Adventure knows where to find the ultimate dive sites in San Juan, Fajardo, and Culebra Island. They can take you to explore the easier shallow dives or bring you on an adventure to the more advanced, intricate dives. Float above coral reefs and look for parrotfish, blue tangs, dark purple sea fans, and more. No matter your experience level, scuba diving Puerto Rico is a must on your next vacation!

The activities include towels, complimentary bottle of water and the use of the facilities while on the tour.

Tours Duration Snorkeling Snuba or Sea Trek Certified Scuba Diver Discover Scuba Shore Dive
San Juan 1 – 2 Hours $69 $89 $160 $89
Culebra Island 8 Hours $99 $145 $150 $199
Fajardo 2.5 – 4 Hours $69 $110 $150 $150

Trail Info

San Juan

When in Puerto Rico, snorkeling San Juan is a must!  Jump in for a classic snorkeling experience out of the Caribe Hilton hotel in San Juan. Aqua Adventures’ friendly guides lead you along the rock reef in search of octopus, squids, reef fish, and the elusive seahorse. No matter your age or experience, the guide provides instruction and makes sure you have the time of your life as you explore the magical world underneath the surface.

Snorkeling tours depart directly from the beach and have a maximum duration of one hour. This tour is not conducted from a boat.  The activity includes towels, complimentary bottle of water and the use of the facilities while on the tour.

Culebra Island

Culebra is an 11-square-mile, unspoiled beauty of an island. Culebra attracts divers with its seclusion, spectacular  stunning beaches and underwater paradise. The snorkeling and dive sites here are some of the Caribbean’s best! Pristine coral reefs and clear, calm waters provide an amazing opportunity to observe barracuda, stingrays, parrotfish, trumpet fish, blue tangs, deep purple sea fans, and a variety of colorful coral, as well as a chance to swim with sea turtles.


Located in eastern Puerto Rico, the towns of Fajardo and Ceiba provide a gateway to some of the most beautiful islands Puerto Rico has to offer.  Scuba diving and snorkeling sites are just a short boat trip from Fajardo, and Aqua Adventures takes you there aboard one of their two 46-foot Newton Custom Dive Boats. The crew knows where to find calm sea conditions, current-free dive sites, and depths between 30 feet and 80 feet so you can enjoy interesting coral reefs and abundant sea life!

You will snorkel in shallow coral reefs that harbor turtles, stingrays, and spotted eagle rays.  The large expansions of coral reef also harbor many species of tropical fish, invertebrates, and much more. Some of these islands have been used in popular movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Corona commercials.

Certified divers can choose from six different islands with over a dozen dive sites. Novice to advanced, you can find the right dive site for you regardless of your skill level.  The dive sites are composed of healthy reefs that start off at around 15-20 feet deep and bottom out at about 70-75 feet deep. On an average day, visibility ranges from 40 to 60 feet.

Aqua’s signature Tuxedo Service includes fresh fruit, chips and mango salsa, refreshments, bottled water, sodas, and beer.


Q What's included with the diving?

All of the dives we offer include tanks, weights, and weight belts. In addition, the following items are available to make your dives more enjoyable at no additional charge:

On board the boats:

Ice chest with ice
Fresh water, refreshments, fruits, chips and salsa
Full day trips include lunch
DAN 02 Kits
DAN First Aid Kit
On the docks:

Gear rinse tanks
Overnight gear storage rooms

Q How do you mix beginners and advanced divers?

All boats with divers have a minimum of two crew members. One is an in-water Divemaster and the other crew member remains on board to assist divers. On both dives, we have a Divemaster in the water to assist other divers and to lead portions of the dive.

At Aqua Adventure, we respect the effort you put into earning your certification card and respect the qualifications you earned. As such, we expect that all divers who present themselves as certified divers are capable of executing and successfully navigating a dive as a buddy team without any assistance from an in-water Divemaster. However, for your convenience and peace of mind, we have a dive master in the water all the time to assist you and guide and navigate your dive for you.

All of our dives start with a briefing, where our Divemaster shares with you a description of the site, local area, environment, and emergency procedures. Divers who are experienced and comfortable with their own navigation are welcome to go off on their own. During the dive briefing, a suggested profile is described along with a return time. If you perform your own navigation, all we ask is that you are back on the boat by the specified return time.

When possible, we try to separate divers by experience levels and offer two options, a more experienced boat trip and a beginner diver trip for divers who are new or have not been in the water for an extended period of time.

Q What do I do with my kids?

Most of our partner resorts can assist you in arranging babysitting services for younger children.

If you have teens (ages 10-15), consider having them learn to dive! When they become certified divers, they will be eligible for dive trips.

Younger children (ages 4-10) are welcome aboard the boats as snorkelers or bubble watchers. All we ask is that a parent or guardian remains on board to supervise them. Children under the age of 4 are not permitted on the boats.

Guests choosing to stay at the El Conquistador Resort can find a full-day children’s program available for kids of all ages.

Q What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

Snorkeling doesn’t require tanks or regulators. Scuba diving allows you to breathe underwater, while snorkeling allows you to breathe while you are on the surface with your face down. Snorkeling doesn’t require any certification, while scuba diving requires certification.

Q Do I need to be a good swimmer?

Well, it sure can’t hurt, but it’s not required. It is recommended that you do have some comfort and experience when you are in water though. A few things to consider are that your fins help you a great deal in terms of movement, and they float. The mask that you wear has air trapped in it and helps you float as well. If you don’t feel safe enough, you can also use snorkeling belts to float, which are included on all our snorkeling tours.

Q What equipment do you need to snorkel?

Well, there are three main things that most snorkelers use.

1) Mask
This allows you to see underwater without getting your eyes and nose wet. It’s important that the mask is a good fit when renting or buying. If the mask doesn’t fit well, you will experience some leakage of water in the mask. I would highly recommend using a mask that has a “silicon skirt.” The skirt is the soft substance that is molded to fit your face and prevents water from entering the mask. You can also rent or buy masks that use rubber as the skirt, but the seal is not nearly as good as the silicon and is quite simply a dated technology. Ask your local snorkel or dive shop about choosing a mask that fits well. They will know what to look for.

2) Snorkel
This is what makes you a snorkeler. A snorkel is a hollow curved tube that is placed in the mouth and allows you to breathe while you are face down in the water. So basically, while you looking down into the water, the other end of the snorkel is sticking out of the water.

3) Fins
This is what makes life a lot of fun. Fins allow you to swim like a fish. Yeeehaw! There are two kinds of fins, but for snorkeling in warm water, most people will do just fine with the closed-heel kind. The open-heel kind is more for scuba divers, requiring a special boot (bootie), or for colder waters. Make sure that the fins are a good fit, or else you will either be cutting off circulation to your feet or they will easily come off. Make sure that they are a snug fit, but you should be able to wiggle your toes.


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