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Arkansas River Kayaking, Raft & SUP Rentals from Dvorak

Shop Information

Dvorak is the go-to shop for the Arkansas River kayaking, rafting, tubing and SUP adventures in Salida, CO, just 140 miles southwest of Denver.  The Dvorak team wants everyone to share their love of the Arkansas River!  It may be a rafting trip today, a SUP rental tomorrow, or paddling an inflatable kayak through class II rapids into downtown Salida.  Dvorak is conveniently located on the outskirts of Salida just minutes from the Arkansas River.  They are the experts on Arkansas River kayaking and water sports!

Dvorak was founded in 1985 in the scenic Arkansas River Valley of Colorado by outdoor educators and outdoorsmen. As early pioneers of western whitewater river rafting in the Rocky Mountains, they own the first outfitter license by the state of Colorado.  They are proud to be a family-run business, with over 60,000 miles of river running experience.

Arkansas River Rental Information

Dvorak has all of your inflatable watercraft needs covered.  They have inflatable kayak rentals, raft rentals, paddleboard rentals, and of course, PFDs and paddles.


Rent a float tube and go for a ride on the Arkansas River or drive out to a lake and have the best day ever. Tubes are a simple and straightforward way to get on the water and enjoy some of the best that Salida has to offer.


Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) are one of the most incredible ways to experience the river or lakes near Salida and the Arkansas Valley. Ask for directions to the nearest body of water suitable for your skill level or get a lesson from a pro and get comfortable on the river and experience the fastest growing sport in the world.


Inflatable Kayaks (IK) or a (Ducky) is the most forgiving inflatable personal craft that exists.  They rent the highest quality Hyside IKs that provide the most stable and predictable ride possible on the Arkansas River or any of the nearby lakes in the Arkansas Valley.


Rent a Hyside Mini Me raft and go for a miniature adventure. Don’t let the size of this raft fool you. They are small but mighty! Keep it straight in the rapids and you can run just about anything.


Rent a full-sized paddle raft for your whole crew or just 2. Sizes range from 12′ to 16′ and can accommodate up to 8 people in one raft. Each rental will come with gear for 2 people. Additional items available for whatever your needs may be.


Boogie Boards will put you face to face with the waves and get you up close and personal with the river in a way you’ve never experienced. Get the ultimate feel for the river while you get pitted in the Salida play waves.

White Water Rafting Information

Dvorak Expeditions offers guided white water rafting trips on some of the West‘s most amazing rivers. Whether you‘re looking for day trips on the Arkansas River, or want to enjoy our Music on the Water trip down the Dolores River, they have a trip for everyone.

Looking for more outdoor adventure in Salida?  Rent a mountain bike easily online to explore the incredible trails in the Salida area.  Or check out all activities in Salida.

Trail Info

Where to Paddle

The world rewnowned Arkansas River is Dvorak’s back yard.  It has wide-ranging options from beginner to advanced class V rapids, and will provide a challenge for even the most experienced whitewater rafters.   There are many different options for paddling and rafting depending on your experience and preferences.  Chat with their knowledgeable staff about where to drop in and get out, they know all of the best spots!

Rafting Trips

Dvorak Expeditions offers over 25 different rafting trips on some of the West‘s most amazing rivers. Whether you‘re looking for day trips on the Arkansas, or want to enjoy our Music on the Water trip down the Dolores River, they have a trip for everyone.

Browns Canyon is a popular rafting day trip where rafters will paddle class III and IV rapids through the spectacular pink canyon walls surrounded by remote wilderness. The views can’t be beat – from awe-inspiring canyons to the snow covered Sangre de Cristo Mountains and frequent wildlife sightings, Salida is the place to go for rafting.



Q What is included with a tube rental?

Rent a float tube to use in the Salida river park, or utilize our Arkansas river shuttle service to get your vehicle upstream or down to one of the nearby AHRA (Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area) access points to avoid the walk, and see the beautiful Arkansas Valley float on by. Tubes are the most basic of watercraft, and they have the least amount of performance of any of our rentals. They are the simplest way to go for a leisurely float, but also the least maneuverable. All rentals include a PFD (personal flotation device) and a helmet. Other accessories are available as add-ons.

Many people will take tubes and do laps in the Salida river park using the Riverside Walking path, while others may venture to go for a point to point float from an access point. PFD and Helmet included.

Q What is included with a SUP rental?

Rent a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) for high mountain lake touring, river surfing, or flatwater cruising the local lakes and reservoirs. Whether you are seeking adventure down the rapids, or just want to go for a leisurely cruise down one of the calmer stretches of the Arkansas River near Salida. We have a variety of paddleboard rentals for your needs. Please let us know if you will require tie down straps for your paddleboard/s as well as any of the other available add-ons. If you would like to utilize our Arkansas river shuttle service we will need your keys and an idea of where to hide them for you at the other end of your adventure. If you’re not too confident in your river running abilities please ask us about our expert instructors providing group and private lessons. As always PFD (Personal Flotation Device), Helmet, Paddle, Leash are also included in the cost of the rental.

SUP rentals for flatwater, river running, lakes, and reservoirs. Pick your board, and let us know how we can help! Shuttles and all ability level Lessons also available.

Q What is an inflatable kayak, and what is included with rental?

Inflatable Kayaks (IK or ducky) are a super fun and safe way to navigate the Arkansas River. The Hyside Paddilac I that we use are the most stable and durable personal crafts on the market. Appropriate for people of all shapes, sizes and ability levels, these boats are top of the line, and they perform better than any other duckies on the river. If you want to run whitewater, or just go for a leisurely float this is the craft for you. Often they make a great companion craft to stand up paddle boarders due to their added gear capacity. A double-sided paddle, PFD (Personal Flotation Device), and Helmet are included in the cost, and we also have available our Arkansas River Shuttle service to assist you in getting to and from your access points as well as tie-down straps, and dry bags as add-ons if you need them.

Double Duckies Paddilac II is the same stable craft with 2 seats and 3 more feet in length for either another person or more gear or perhaps a cooler.

Our Paddilac Kayaks are the very best inflatable kayaks on the market, and will provide you with the safest, most stable, secure, and fun of any inflatable kayak rental you will find on the Arkansas River. These boats are the best PWC (Personal Water Craft) available in the world!

Q What is a Mini Me?

The Hyside Mini-Me and Mini Max raft rentals are small, maneuverable, light, and incredibly stable! These boats will take care of you, all you have to do is keep them straight and paddle hard. This is a great way to get into self-guided rafting and whitewater. Suitable for 2-4 passengers comfortably these boats can take you, your friends (furry ones included) on an amazing tour of whatever section of the Arkansas River you decide to paddle. Each boat includes PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices), Helmets, and Paddles enough for 2 people. If you would like additional equipment, tie down straps, dry bags, and Arkansas River Shuttles we also have those available as add-ons. Let the Mini rafts take you for a memorable adventure in a safe and stable yet supremely playful manner. Available at our Salida Rental Location, or Nathrop by request!

Mini Me and Mini Max Rental Rafts are the most fun, smallest, and most maneuverable multi-person crafts available. Perfect for 2-4 people or furry companions. These boats are stable and forgiving, yet playful and incredibly entertaining to paddle.

Q Can I rent a full size raft?

We have full size paddle rafts available for rent at our Nathrop office, or by request in Salida. Please be specific as to how many passengers you will need equipment for as each rental only includes PFDs, Helmets, and Paddles enough for 2. If you need additional equipment such as: Tie Down Straps, Sweep Kit (1st Aid, Repair, Pump), Full size pump, Dry bags (Small or Large), Throwbags, Wetsuits and Boots, or additional passenger PPE (Personal Protective Equipment – PFD, Helmet, Paddle). Please reserve it with your raft rental so that we can be sure to have it readily available. We also have Arkansas River Shuttles available and plenty of good info to steer you towards the right section for your ability.

Full Size Paddle Rafts available for rent includes all necessary equipment for 2 and everything you might need is also available. Please be sure that you have an experienced boat captain and qualified paddlers for your desired section. If there is any doubt, ask about daily guided raft trips on all sections of the Arkansas River.

Q What is a multi-person SUP?

Do you want the fastest multi-person craft on the river? This could be just the board for you. With room for 6 comfortably and many many more if you just want a floating lake dock. These boards will accelerate you faster than any other paddle powers craft on the river. An experienced SUP captain is a must, and don’t be afraid to take a knee when paddling through the rough stuff. If you want an experienced SUP captain we have guided tours available as well. This rental includes 2 PFDs, Helmets, and Paddles. Any additional persons equipment would be available add-ons as well as Arkansas River Shuttles, Tie down straps (often wise to just deflate it at the end of your trip, just don’t drag it around!), and dry bags.

Mega SUPs are the fastest and smoothest way to move down the river, just don’t expect your friends to keep up! Tours available, and fun is guaranteed on these boards, the hardest part is to stop laughing and smiling long enough to run the rapids without falling off. Ask about transportation and shuttles for your adventure.

Q Do you have a shuttle service?


Let DVK shuttle your vehicle for you, with or without a trailer, so it’s waiting for you at the takeout. Discuss shuttle options with one of our staff!

Hecla Junction Shuttle
Hecla is the busiest access point in the world! The Hecla Road is accessed via Hwy 285. There are lots of buses, vans, and private vehicles driving the winding road, so please drive carefully and efficiently as to keep the flow moving on busy days. This is the half day take out for Browns Canyon National Monument. There is a very large boat ramp with room for multiple commercial trailers and vehicles. The private boater access beach is just downstream of the large ramp right next to a number of parking spaces and picnic sites. This keeps commercial trips from interfering with private boaters and grinding elbows. This site has a lot of parking, but can often be totally full on busy days, be aware that vehicles may end up parked past the changing and restrooms if the close to river spaces are already full. There are very nice paid campsites up the hill away from the hubbub and chaos. There is also a river right trail that goes all the way down to Seidels Suck Hole Rapid but be aware it quickly turns to private property after that.

Stone Bridge Shuttle
Stone Bridge access point is a good half day to full day float away from Salida, and has a large parking lot and easy access boat ramp (no backing required). Located off of county road 291 this site has changing rooms, restrooms and picnic sites.

Big Bend Shuttle
Big Bend is located off of Hwy 285 and is an our most popular access point for for a short duration float to Salida. There is a small boat ramp that requires expert trailer backing skills, as well as a pull up next to the river launch if you are willing to carry your craft a few feet to the river. There are changing rooms, and restrooms as well as a medium-sized parking lot. Be aware at certain times of the year the biting bugs can be bad here and it is recommended that you limit your time standing around if at all possible.

Salida Boat Ramp Shuttle
The Salida boat ramp is the in-town access point for the town of Salida, conveniently located in downtown near the park, restaurants, bars, and shops. It also has a river path that is over a mile long and perfect for doing laps in the Salida River Park. There are public restrooms adjacent to the boat ramp. Parking is in short supply, and backing a trailer or vehicle down the ramp to the river requires precision backing technique when the parking spaces are filled up.

Salida East Shuttle
Located outside of town limits, but not too far this is a great access point to use for a short float from the Salida Boat Ramp or as a not far away alternative and easy way to avoid the parking and backing issues of town. Salida East is a newly AHRA (Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area) developed site with a large ramp, and parking area. There are adjacent paid campsites, changing rooms, and restrooms.

Rincon Shuttle
Rincon is a popular access point downriver from Salida. It can be used as a half day point or a possible full day if you put in further up the river and use Salida as a mid point. Located off of Hwy 50 this site has paid camping, changing rooms, restrooms, and a steep but manageable boat ramp to access the river. Parking is available, but fairly limited and spread out.

Vallie Bridge Shuttle
Vallie Bridge is a good full day float from Salida, or a good point to access the middle parts of Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Located off of Hwy 50 it is a quick turn so keep your eyes peeled. There are changing rooms, restrooms, and paid campsites. Parking is limited, but often not an issue.

Q Where does my rafting trip depart from?

Detailed confirmation trip notes will be emailed to you once you have booked, and will describe pickup and departure points, local lodging facilities, other necessary logistical information and details about food, alcohol and the equipment we provide for you as part of your trip package.

Q Are the rafting trips all whitewater?

No, whitewater rapids are encountered as the river descends or twists between stretches of calm water. On many rivers, the extent of flatwater versus rapids depends on the gradient of the river. Also, depending on the time of year and snowpack run-off each season, water flow and the size of a river’s rapids will be lower or higher.

Q Do I have to paddle on a rafting trip?

You have a choice. We offer paddle boat crews where four to seven people join a guide and paddle down the river. Alternately, you may enjoy the ride as a passenger!


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David Inbody

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Amazing 4 day Inflatable float trip!

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Bill and the entire crew were great. Very professional and knowledgeable about the river and teaching newbies everything but more importantly fun to be on the river with. The food was great and all the boats and equipment were in good shape. Already planning our next trip.

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David Inbody

Bill and the entire crew were great. Very professional and knowledgeable about the river and teaching newbies everything but more importantly fun to be on the river with. The food was great and all the boats and equipment were in good shape. Already planning our next trip.