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Trail Lovers Excursions

Trail Lovers Excursions

Guided Hiking Adventures with Trail Lovers Excursions

FROM$115 per 2 hrs
Based on 135 reviews

Traverse sacred canyons & red rock summits with Trail Lovers Excursions. Customized guided hiking tours through the most remote and seldom visited wilderness areas around Sedona, Arizona. Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of verdant, hidden desert landscapes, at the deepest corners of Red Rock Country. read more

Backcountry Found

Backcountry Found

Hiking Tours of Buckskin Gulch

FROM$190 per 10 hrs

Experience Buckskin Gulch, the longest slot canyon in the world, through a guided adventure that starts in the middle of the canyon, bypassing the crowds. Just an hour from Page in southern Utah, this section of the Navajo sandstone canyon is stunning and remote, with ancient petroglyphs and the opportunity to visit a beautiful arch nearby that few people ever visit. Hiking experience is a must - the minimum distance is 4 miles. Transport to/from Page, lunch/drinks and knowledgeable guide included.read more