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Portland Bike Rental

Shop Information

Cycle Portland is a full service bike shop conveniently located in downtown Portland, Oregon.  They specialize in helping people experience Portland by bicycle.  The shop has a large rental fleet of single speed, hybrid, road, and E-bikes for you to rent to explore our beautiful city. The team is composed of full time bicyclists that love to tour, race, commute and share the city they call home.  The staff’s passion is sharing local bike culture and events with visitors from all over the world.  They are your leading Portland bike rental shop!

Book a rental bike online and let them help you craft an adventure of your own through Portland’s unique neighborhood greenways, bike friendly streets, and trails!

Rental Information

Bike rentals starting at just $20/day!

  • Single Speeds to cruise the waterfront with ease
  • Multi Speed Hybrids provide all day exploration
  • Road Bikes work great for longer rides
  • E-Bikes provide the ultimate electric experience
  • We also carry Trailers and Bike Racks
Description Daily Rate (9am-6pm) 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate 3 Day Rate
Single Speed Bicycle $20 $35 $40 $50
Multi-Speed Bicycle $30 $45 $60 $75
E-Bike $50 $80 $110 $130
Road Bike $50 $70 $95 $110
Bike Trailer $20 $35 $40 $50
Bike Rack $15 $20 $40 $40

Rental Bike Details

Single Speed Bicycle


– Mixte and flat-bar frame styles available
– All new components offer modern standards on a vintage frame
– Front & Back Hand Brakes (No Coaster)
– Vintage Steel Frames
– The perfect way to explore Portland on a budget.
– Great city gearing ([38:17])
– Maximum Rider weight 220LBS
– Minimum rider height 4’11” (150cm)
– Custom painted

Multi-Speed Bicycle


– Step-Thru and Straight-Bar frame styles available
– 8 Speed Shimano Internal Hubs
– Shimano Twist Shifters
– Chainguards keep pants clean
– Upright/Comfort Style
– Full Aluminum Frames
– Great option for riding up to 40 miles daily, for longer distances, some prefer road bikes
– XS-XL options available
– Maximum rider weight 280LBS
– Minimum rider height 4’11” (150cm)



– 8/9 speed Shimano shifters, can be pedaled with or without motor active.
– Upright/Comfort Style
– Rear Racks (Detour)
– Aluminum and partial carbon framesets
– Great option for riding from 40-60 miles, distance dependent on terrain, and power settings.
– 4 Modes, Off, Eco, Norm, High (Please note that these models are “E-assist” and do not use a throttle to control power)
– Speed: Up to 20MPH with motor, pedaling helps you go even faster!
– Bike weight: 43lbs Misceo, 49lbs Detour
– Small-Large frames available in flat-bar and step-thru. Please specify in booking notes if a particular type is desired.
– Maximum rider weight 280LBS
– Age limit 16+
– Fits down to 5’3″

Road Bike

– Models & sizes vary, to best determine which bike will fit you please reference your current road bike frame, or if you’re not sure we will always get you on the best fit bike determined by your height during the checkout process.

– Current Inventory (sizes may be requested after payment during checkout):

  • 2x 49cm Fuji Sportif 1.3 Disc – Grey/Green
  • 1x 52cm Fuji Roubaix 1.5 – Black
  • 2x 53cm Fuji Roubaix 1.3 – Blue/White
  • 1x 54cm Fuji Roubaix 1.3 – Blue/White
  • 1x 56cm Fuji Roubaix 1.5 – Black
  • 1x 56cm Fuji Sportif 1.5 – Red/White
  • 1x 56cm Fuji Sportif 1.5 Disc – Black/Silver
  • 1x 59cm Fuji Sportif 1.5 – Red/White
  • 1x 61cm Fuji Sportif 1.5 Disc – Red/White

– Great option for riding from 40+ miles daily
– Bike weight: ~24lbs
– Maximum Rider Weight 250LBS

Bike Trailer


– Quick-release from bicycle
– Quick-release wheels, and folding design for easy storage
– Burly’s most popular kids trailer
– Burly Bee Snuggler Infant Sling available (please specify in reservation notes if needed, or if more than 1 is required)
– Must be attached to a Multispeed Rental due to attachment style.

Bike Rack


The Saris Bones 3 a tested statement of style, design, convenience and durability.

Though designed to fit the majority of vehicles, please use the Saris Rack Compatibility Checker to verify before booking.


– Holds up to 3 regular bikes
– Weight Limit 100LBS
– Limit 2 E-Bikes
– Quick Adjust

All bikes come with:

  • Helmet
  • Lock
  • Route map
  • Trail information specific to your desired ride time and difficulty level.
  • Patch kits, rain gear, lights, bungees and many other accessories are available for free upon request.

Trail Info

America’s Cycling Capital

  • Time and time again Portland ranks in the top five cities, if not #1 for cycling in the United States. With over three hundred miles of bike lanes, bike-specific traffic signals, and a community that not only supports alternative transportation choices but breathes an attitude of awareness towards all modes of transportation, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to help you experience Portland via the Bicycle.

Bike Maps & Information

  • Ride Oregon Ride — Suggested routes/ rides in Oregon along with information on bike-friendly accommodations, bike shop locations, and tourist information.
  • Getting Around Portland — Free information provided by the City of Portland on suggested rides, maps, transportation opportunities, and community resources.

Best Places to Ride

  • 11 miles – Our most popular route! The “Waterfront Loop” leads you along Portland’s meandering Willamette river, through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, and then back along the west side of the waterfront.
  • 15 miles – The “North East Ramble” A staff favorite, this route takes you through the historic Irvington district, and close to the bustling section of Alberta street between 9th and 30th where good food and drinks are never far away.
  • 15 miles – “Short, Steep, and Sweet” Don’t say we didn’t warn you… This ride takes you through some of the best hills in town, perfect for those energetic riders, pesky relatives (just tell them it’s an adventure) and earning some wonderful descents through the city.
  • Further route choices here: Best Rides Around Portland

Get to the Gorge!

  • Portland now offers an affordable, reliable shuttle service to and from the Columbia Gorge, one of our most popular destinations. Grab a road bike, hop the shuttle and enjoy the ride! (Just make sure you don’t miss the last shuttle back, or it’s a long ride!) Check out the Columbia Gorge Express for more info.

For Our Roadies

  • Check out Portland Velo, your source of group rides across the Portland Metro region. Most rides have offerings from 15mph grouped all the way up to 25mph+.
  • RideWithGPS also offers a plethora of creative routes put together by users, and vetted by the community.


Q What are your rental reservation policies?

Reservations are strongly encouraged and can be booked online until 6PM the day prior. Reservations after that time please call during business hours.

Except for 24 hour rentals, the date booked is considered the first day. (ex. 3 day picked up anytime Monday is due Wednesday by 6PM).

24 hour rentals are due back 24 hours after your selected pick up time.

Bikes not picked by 6PM on first day will be considered “no show” and re-enter general stock.

Overnight rentals must be stored inside a domicile. (hotel room/concierge closet, living room, etc) A shared bike room is not a safe location.

All reservations subject to our 24 hour cancellation policy. Reservations and booking changes are final, and charged in full unless altered outside of 24 hours. We do not pro-rate early returns on reservations.

Q What comes with the bike rental?

All bikes come with:

Route map
Trail information specific to your desired ride time and difficulty level.
Patch kits, rain gear, lights, bungees and many other accessories are available for free upon request.

Q Is there a weight limit on the bicycles?

Yes, in order to ensure that your rental or tour is safe our bikes are rated by the manufacturer to the following limits:

Singlespeed: 220 pounds
Road Bike: 250 pounds
E-Bike 280 pounds
Multispeed Hybrid: 280 pounds

Q Do you rent bike racks?

Yes. We have bike racks that go on the back of a sedan style car (must have trunk lid) that holds up to three bikes.

Q Do you rent child trailers?

Yes, we have a child trailer ( 2 child capacity, or 100 pound limit, whichever happens first). Our trailer must be used in conjunction with our Multi-speed hybrids due to it’s attachment system (or vertical dropout on the rear wheel if you are renting for your personal bike, horizontal dropouts are not compatible with our trailer). We do not carry Tag-Alongs at this time.

Q Do you provide dropoff or pickup services?

We do not provide pickup or dropoff services at this time.

Q Do you have kids bikes?

We do not have any kids bikes at this time.


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