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Cuyahoga River Kayak Rental with Breakaway Excursions

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Breakaway Excursions is located in the small town of Mantua on the Cuyahoga River in Northeastern Ohio, between Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown. This area is home to one of the cleanest river habitats in our nation. The Cuyahoga River is home to beavers, otters, bald eagles, blue heron and over 46 species of fish. The river is a part of Akron’s drinking water, and is one of the most pristine rivers in Ohio. It’s beautifully scenic and recreational qualities make it an exceptional place to paddle.

The 12-mile section of river which the Breakaway Excursions team operates and paddles on is very relaxing with a gentle current and a few small ripples. This section of river is designated by the state of Ohio as one of their “State Scenic Rivers”. This designation is held in high regard for it lets users know that it has met high standards for cleanliness and water quality. The kayak trip down the Cuyahoga River is filled with breathtaking forests and wildflowers. If you are a nature buff or an outdoor paddle enthusiast, you will absolutely love this section of river.

Rental Information

Breakaway Excursions offers self-guided kayak rental trips on the Cuyahoga River. Their top notch fleet is primarily made up of Wilderness System Aspire 105 kayaks. This kayak is very comfortable with adjustable seats and extremely easy to maneuver – a great boat for all levels of paddlers.

Mantua Kayak Rentals Miles Hours Rate
Short Trip 2.5 miles 1-1.5 $25
Medium Trip 6 miles 2.5-3.5 $30
Long Trip 8.5 miles 4-6 $40


Trail Info


The Cuyahoga River located in Northeast Ohio is approximately 100 miles long.  It starts in the headwaters north of Burton and runs south to the city of Akron where it makes a sharp turn and heads north.  It passes through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park as it makes its way to Cleveland and empties into the Lake Erie. When you look at a map, the path of the river makes a giant letter “U”.  It’s one of the few rivers in the world which flows just as many miles south as it does north. The first 25 miles of the river was designated as a State Scenic River in 1974. In order to achieve this designation, the river had to meet certain standards for cleanliness and water quality.  Today the river is used and loved by thousands of anglers and recreational enthusiast. Breakaway Excursions rents kayaks and teaches classes on the Upper Cuyahoga State Scenic River. They cater individuals, groups and businesses looking to have a positive experience on the river.


Q Where do we meet?

You will meet at Breakaway Excursions' storefront location in the Village of Mantua, Ohio. They will transport you and your guests to the river for your launch and pick you up at the end.

Q What if I am a beginner and have never paddled?

The guides will show you a paddle stroke demonstration before they launch you on the river. They also offer a complimentary Quick Start lesson for those that want it. This is a great little class that teaches the basic paddling strokes a person would need for the day.

Q What should we bring when paddling out?

Weather appropriate clothing which is fast drying.
Water to drink
Extra change of clothes for after the trip

Q What if Breakaway Excursions cancels a trip?

If Breakaway Excursions need to cancel, factors include too few participants, logistical problems, or circumstances which make the operation of the trip inadvisable. Cancellations are at the discretion of BE. If, for any reason, they decide that the trip would be unsafe or not possible as planned, BE has the right to cancel. If the water or weather conditions are deemed unsafe, they will cancel and reschedule.

Q What if we cancel?

Failure to make payment on your reservation, or failure or refusal to submit the unmodified liability waiver provided to you, or non-participation in a reserved activity is a cancellation by you.

Cancellations for kayaking are accepted 1 week prior to your scheduled departure with a full refund. A 50% refund will be given under one week and up to 48 hours of your scheduled departure time. Under 48 hours you will be charged the full price unless we are able to fill your cancelled reservation.

Q What are the fees and penalties associated with bookings?

Late fee: A $25 late fee will be charged for every 30 minutes that a boat is kept out passed the scheduled return time

Cleaning fee: Boats get dirty from normal use. If a boat is returned excessively dirty, the client will will be given an option to clean the boat or be charged a cleaning fee at the following rates:

kayaks and stand up paddle boards - $10 per boat fishing boats $25 per boat.

Lost or damaged equipment: The client will be charged for all damages and losses of equipment.

Q What are your terms and conditions?

No Alcohol: BE has a strict no alcohol policy while paddling on the river. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before deciding to paddle with BE.

Paddlers must wear a life-jacket at all times.

Complete a Waiver and Release of Liability form for each participant (minors must be signed by parent or legal guardian).

You must leave a valid driver’s license, car keys or cellphone with BE as collateral while you are using their boats.

Lost or damaged rental equipment will be charged to the person making the reservation.

Do not trespass on private lands.

Return rental equipment clean and free of dirt and debris.

All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Know the local weather forecast for day and dress appropriately.

Keep the waterways clean by not littering.

Lock valuables in your cars; BE is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Follow local waterway restrictions for cigar and cigarette smoking.

Breakaway Excursions reserve the right to terminate your rental for any reason if they feel safety is being compromised. This includes but not limited to, water and weather conditions, inappropriate behavior, inappropriate dress and preparation.


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