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Kailua, Oahu Kayaking Tours

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What started in 1982 as a simple garage operation to build paddles for Hawaii’s kayakers has evolved into the most diversified and qualified paddle sports outlet in Hawaii. For over 35 years, we have sought to provide every kayaker, from the newest beginners to olympic gold medalists with the best kayak and SUP adventure tours, instruction and equipment rentals.  We are the Oahu kayaking tour experts!

Our shop is located minutes from the beach in Kailua on the Windward (East) side of the Island of Oahu.  Whether you are visiting Hawaii and want to rent a kayak or paddle board to explore the beautiful island waters, join a tour for a guided adventure, or get world class instruction, we have it all.

Tour Information

Hawaii’s Favorite Kayak Experience 

So, you’re thinking of going on an exciting kayak tour in Kailua?  PERFECT!!!  Your unforgettable day begins bright and early in the morning when our friendly, dedicated staff will come pick you up right in Waikiki.  We will bring you to our shop at world famous Kailua Town where we will show you around the area and get you ready for your delightful day!

Launching from calm, reef-protected waters of Kailua or Lanikai, two of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world, your trip is destined to be a blast. A quick paddle out to the illustrious Mokulua sea-bird preserve or the nearby Popoi’a Island will ensure you are likely to encounter indigenous Hawaiian sea life. Your knowledgeable, highly skilled naturalist guide will educate you on the live reef, the Honu Green Sea Turtles, the Hawaiian Monk Seals, and local fish that are frequent friendly companions on these expeditions.  We have a few different tours to choose from:

Tour Pricing

Tour Adult Child Private Tour Per Person
2.5 Hour Guided Tour – Popoi’a Island  $ 115.00  $   80.50  $       169.00
5 Hour Guided Tour – Mokulua Islands  $ 149.00  $ 104.30  $       209.00
Self-Guided Kayak Adventure Tour  $   85.00  $   59.50  N/A
Turtle Safari Kailua Beach Tour  $   55.00  $   38.50  N/A

Tours Include

  • Free Round Trip Transportation from Waikiki
  • Kayak Guide/Private Guide
  • Kayak, Life Jacket and Paddle
  • Snorkel Gear, Seat Backs and Dry Bags
  • Picnic Lunch of Your Choice

Two Good Kayaks also offers Oahu kayak rentals for experienced paddlers who wish to explore on their own.

Trail Info

Popoi’a Island Kayak Tour – 2.5 Hours

This 2.5 Guided Kayak Tour launches directly from the gorgeous, world-famous Kailua Beach and includes pickup/dropoff in Waikiki. Just a quick 15 minute paddle and you will get to jump ashore and explore your new found Island.  Our trained and experienced guide will be sure to inform and escort you safely around Popoia Island teaching you about the Volcanic History, Geology, Bird-Life and Sea-Life of the area. You’ll also enjoy snorkeling and kayak surfing with our guide!  After the tour, you’ll get to relax and enjoy Kailua Beach for 2 hours before our van picks you up for the return to Waikiki.

Mokulua Island Kayak Tour – 5 Hours

The Mokulua Island Tour offers the best value and longest excursion length, making this the favorite ECO-Tour on the island by far! You’ll get to experience all there is to offer on this diverse, captivating adventure! A 45 min. to 1 hr. scenic paddle takes you to the Seabird Sanctuary that is the Mokulua Islands. Frequently visited by Sea Turtles and Hawaiian Monk Seals, the island offers an unparalleled, unique snorkeling or kayak surfing experience!  Your lifeguard trained guide will help you discover the island. Where wave conditions permitting, he’ll take you to a hidden secret cove, where you’ll go cliff jumping and snorkeling and then go for a short walk and enjoy a soak in the Queens Bath Tide Pools, named after Queen Kapiolani who loved this area.  This tour also includes pickup/dropoff in Waikiki.

Self Guided Kayak Adventure

This fun-filled option allows you to spend your day as you want, and includes shuttle pickup/dropoff at Waikiki.  While you are listening to a thorough Safety-Briefing, given by one of our experienced office assistant, we’ll show you around the area and you decide where and how you want to spend your day!  Paddle out to Lanikai beach and go snorkeling. You will probably stop at several of our close offshore islands which will include swimming and relaxing on white sandy beaches while sea and shore birds flock overhead and nest near-by. The windward coast of Oahu has over 12 varieties of seabirds inhabiting this flourishing coastline. While on the island you will gently trek to natural pools or a breath-taking cove.Perfect for the courageous and curious thrill seekers who want to do things on their own!  This will be a day enjoyed by all!



Q When is the best time of year for paddling Kaliua Bay?

Kailua Bay enjoys the famously beautiful weather of Hawaii year round. Winter temperatures average in the high 70’s and summer is in the mid to upper 80’s.

Make your plans flexible – when planning for a day of paddling allow for changes due to weather and ocean conditions.

Plan to do your kayaking soon after you arrive, then if the weather is bad, we can re-schedule so that you can go kayaking when the weather is better.

Q What is included in our packages?

Guided Tour – includes a kayak, life jacket, and paddle, picnic lunch, and a guide that will teach you paddling technique, guide you safely to off-shore islands, and tell you about the birds, marine life and history of Hawaii. Also included in this package is snorkeling gear, a dry bag, and padded backrest for your kayak. Hotel transportation from any hotel in Waikiki is also included in this package.
Self-Guided Adventure Package – includes a kayak, life jacket, and paddle, picnic lunch, snorkeling gear, a dry bag, and padded backrest for your kayak.
Hotel transportation from Waikiki is also included in this package! This is a self-guided package, so you get to explore on your own with the help of our map, orientation, and safety briefing!
Kailua Beach Adventure – includes mask, fins and snorkel, boogie board, picnic lunch and hotel transportation from Waikiki. Kayak rental is not included in this package.

Q What should we wear?

Comfortable swimwear and shoes or sandals good for walking on rocks.
Be prepared for a little exercise and to get wet.

Q What will be the highlight of the day?

Seeing turtles is always a highlight. Many of our clients have said the guided hike around the offshore islands was the highlight of their visit to Hawaii and one of the most interesting hikes they’ve ever been on, EVER!

Q Should we go on a guided tour or take a self-guided adventure package?

If you are of average physical ability and enjoy exploring the outdoors on your own, you’ll have a great time on our Adventure Package. However, going on the Guided Tour can make the trip safer, more informative, and help you get the most out of your day. Our guides can take you places you may not find on your own and show you things you might have missed otherwise.

If kayaking is not for you but you want to spend some time on World Class Kailua Beach doing some snorkeling, body boarding,and playing in our warm waters, then the Kailua Beach Adventure would be right for you.

Q Why paddle in Kailua Bay?

Kailua Bay may be the best destination for paddlers on Oahu. For the beginner it offers calm reef protected waters and a number of very interesting small near shore islands within easy reach of Kailua Beach. The experienced paddler will enjoy the waves outside the same reef that keeps the water calm near the beach. With beautiful sandy beaches, calm clear water, and multiple hiking options, these small islands make a great place to spend the day picnicking and exploring. And then there’s the wildlife … Green Sea Turtles abound and are easily approached. Summer is the nesting season for a number of rare sea birds that use these islands to raise their young. Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and the the very rare Hawaiian Monk Seal are known to come into the bay on occasion. In winter there’s also a chance you’ll see humpback whales just off shore.

Q What should we bring?

Sunscreen, underwater camera, hat, sunglasses, and a eyeglass retainer strap if you wear glasses/sunglasses (all of these are available at our shop if you don’t already have them). A Credit Card is required as a security deposit for the kayaks and other gear. Waterproof bags to keep your stuff dry are available to rent at $3.00 a day (included in packages).

Q What is your cancellation policy?

Customers will receive a full refund with 24 hours notice of cancellation. Customers will also receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone: (808) 262-5656 or email [email protected] to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.


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