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New River NC Kayaking, Canoeing & Tubing

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Situated on the New River in Jefferson, NC, Zaloo’s Canoes offers canoe, kayak, and tube rental and trips from 5 miles to 5 nights.  Zaloo’s has been operating for 43 years and is one of the oldest and friendliest river outfitters in Jefferson. They specialize in fun and exciting kayaking, canoeing and tube rentals and trips for families, friends, and groups on one of the most historic and scenic North Carolina rivers, which also happens to be an American Heritage River.

The New River is a great kayaking, canoeing and tubing river for a child’s or beginner’s first river experience — pets love it too! With its gentle flow and beautiful surroundings, the New River is sure to wow and stun the whole family and provide a priceless set of unforgettable memories. Zaloo’s is open seven days a week for your canoeing, kayaking, and New River tubing adventure needs from early April through late fall.

Rental & Trip Information

Zaloo’s Canoes offer canoe, kayak, and tube trips along the historic New River.  Trips include boat rentals and shuttles.  Explore one of the oldest rivers in the world, and the fascinating wildlife of Jefferson, North Carolina. Watch out for bald eagles, herons and other wildlife along the way.

Canoe & Kayak Trips

From 5 miles to 5 days, Zaloo’s offer some of the most exciting canoe & kayak trips in the North Carolina mountains. Explore the New River in a canoe, a tandem kayak for two, or go at it solo in one of their top-of-the-line sit-on-top kayaks.

New River NC Kayaking & Canoe Trips 5-mile 10-mile 1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights 4 Nights 5 Nights
Canoeing Trips (per canoe: 2 ppl) $55 $65 $110 $150 $190 $230 $270
Kayaking Trips (per kayak: 1 person) $35 $45 $100 $140 $180 $220 $260
Tandem Kayaking Trips (per kayak: 2 ppl) $45 $55 $105 $145 $185 $225 $265


Sit back and relax as you tube down one of the most scenic and gentle stretches of the New River that North Carolina has to offer.

New River Tubing Adult Tubes Child Tubes Cooler Tubes
Tubing Trips $20 $15 $15

Trail Info

5-mile Canoe  and Kayak Trips

Zaloo’s 5-mile canoe trips start at the boathouse in Jefferson, N.C. Two to three hours of simple paddling and beautiful scenery later, you’ll arrive at the New River State Park Wagoner Access where a shuttle will pick you up and return you to the boathouse.

10-mile Canoe and Kayak Trips

The 10-mile canoe trips start at Zaloo’s boathouse in Jefferson, N.C. Four to five hours of paddling and beautiful scenery later, you’ll arrive at Gentry Road Bridge where a shuttle will pick you up and return you to the boathouse. You have the option of stopping halfway along your journey at the New River State Park Wagoner Access to stretch your legs, enjoy your packed lunch, or use the restroom before you tackle the last half of your Zaloo’s adventure.

Overnight Canoe  and Kayak Trips

Zaloo’s overnight canoe trips are flexible and can be custom tailored to your camping reservations and put-in and take-out preferences. The team encourages overnight adventurers to secure campsites at their preferred stopping points before booking a canoe. Overnight paddlers can camp at Wagoner Access, Riverbend Access (canoe-in only), 221 Access, Kings Creek Access, Zaloo’s Big River Outpost, or Alleghany Access (canoe-in only).

Tubing Tours

Nothing says summer like a leisurely tube float down the river. Zaloo’s tube trips take guests up stream where you’ll plop into your tube and embark on a 2-3 hour float through the beautiful mountain countryside of Jefferson, NC. There’s no better place to float the day away than with Zaloo’s Canoes on the South Fork of the New River.


Q What is Zaloo's Check In Check Out Policy?

All guests, both those with reservations and those without, must check in at Zaloo’s prior to embarking on a trip. Likewise, all guests must return to Zaloo’s upon completing their trip to check out. This informs our team that everyone in your party has returned safely.

Please check in a half hour (30 minutes) prior to your launch time. Please bring all belongings that you are taking with you.

Zaloo's recommends that you do not take your car keys on the river. Zaloo’s will secure your keys until your return. This is also done as a safety measure.

Q Are there river trips even if it's raining?

Zaloo’s operates rain or shine. If there is thunder and lightning in the area, the team will suspend operations until the electrical storm has passed and then resume normal business. If it rains while you are in the middle of your trip, no refunds will be available. However, if weather conditions are not favorable at the time of your trip, Zaloo’s can issue a rain check for another date or will issue a complete refund.

Q What is Zaloo's cancellation policy?

Zaloo's requires weekend reservations be paid upfront. This ensures they have enough boats and floats for everyone. Customers are free to edit and cancel reservations up to 24 hours prior to their reserved trip start time. Please note that groups that receive group pricing are subject to their own cancellation policy.

Q Can you tell us about the river preservation policy?

Business and adventures are only possible if the New River remains wild, scenic, and clean. As such, Zaloo’s respectfully requests that you refrain from littering or otherwise disturbing the natural balance of the river. Please respect the New River and keep it clean for all to enjoy.

Q Do they allow dogs on trips?

Zaloo's happily welcomes dogs on canoes and kayaks. If you’d like your pup to tube with you, you need to provide a tube for your furry friend as their claws often puncture tube material. Dogs must remain on a leash while on Zaloo’s property for the safety and comfort of other guests.

Q What do I need to bring?

Here are a few recommendations:

River shoes
Bug spray
A dry change of clothes
A towel
A waterproof or resistant watch
A reusable water bottle

Forgot something? Need something? Not to worry. Zaloo's has a fully stocked retail store complete with everything you might need or want to make your river adventure fun and enjoyable.

Q Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Law requires that there be a life jacket present for each person in a boat. However, the law also states that only persons 13 years of age or younger must actually wear that life jacket while on the river.

Q What's included in my boat rental?

Boat rentals include the boat itself, lifejackets for each person in the boat and the appropriate type and number of paddles (one double-ended paddle for single kayaks, two single oars for canoes, and two double-ended paddles for double kayaks).

Tube rentals include the tube itself. Zaloo's does not provide paddles with tube rentals. Life jackets are not required for tubers as the tube itself is considered a flotation device, but the team will provide one to anyone who would like one.

Cooler tubes do not include a cooler. They are simply a square shaped tube designed to hold and float a cooler that you provide.


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