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Jackson WY Snake River Rafting

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Whether you’re looking for exciting whitewater rafting trips in Jackson Hole or scenic float trips with views of the
Tetons, Lewis & Clark Expeditions offers the area’s finest guide service for Snake River rafting and floating!

Our convenient location near the Jackson Town Square makes us a great place to start your river trip, whether you’re staying in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, or Yellowstone National Park.

If you’re ready an exciting ride on the rapids of Snake River, book your rafting trip now for the best experience and the best guides in the Jackson Hole area!

Rafting Information

Whitewater Trips

Our Whitewater Trips plunge through eight beautiful miles of the Snake River Canyon southwest of Jackson Hole. You’ll be guided on paddle rafts through legendary rapids like “Lunch Counter”, “Big Kahuna” and the bubbly waves of “Champagne.” It’s a Class II and III run that thrills adventure enthusiasts and families alike.  See our Trail Info tab for detailed information on each of our rafting and floating options.

Choose our Classic Raft for fantastic family and group fun, or choose our Small Boats for added adventure. Our Small Boats are the wettest rafts on the Snake River, and provide added thrills and intimacy. Lewis & Clark offers both sizes of rafts on every departure, daily about every two hours. Trips take 3 1/2 to 4 hours round-trip from our office in town.

Jackson WY Snake River Rafting Adult Youth Private Raft
Classic 8-Mile Whitewater Rafting Expedition $82 $66 $800
Small Boat, Big Ride $88 $80 $525

Scenic Float Trips

With Teton views, our scenic float trips pass through Wyoming’s finest bald eagle nesting habitat. Deer or moose occasionally appear on the shore for a drink, and you’re likely to see white pelicans or other expert fish-hunters like osprey and great blue herons. Beavers and some otters frequent this area as well. On rare occasions we have seen bears.  Time on the river is approximately 2 hours. This trip is a relaxing float. The guide will row the raft with oars while guests sit back and watch the scenery roll by.  See our Trail Info tab for detailed information on each of our rafting and floating options.

Jackson WY Float Trips Youth Adult Senior Private Raft
13-Mile Scenic Float $55 $65 $55 $500

Looking for more adventure in the Grand Tetons or Jackson, Wyoming?  See all our Jackson Hole adventures!

Trail Info

Classic 8-Mile Whitewater Rafting Expedition

Our 17-foot self-bailing Classic Raft is built to handle the Snake River all season long. It carries 8-14 paddlers through all the legendary Snake River Rapids, including Lunch Counter, Big Kahuna, Champagne and Ropes. It’s a thrilling ride for all, with a typical minimum age of 6 (depending on conditions).

Rafts launch at West Table and take out at Sheep Gulch in the Snake River Canyon, with 8 miles of Class II and III whitewater interspersed with calm stretches, even some opportunities to swim. Trips take 3 1/2 to 4 hours round-trip from our office at 335 N. Cache in Jackson.

Whitewater rafting with Lewis & Clark is the bonafide outdoor experience you came to Jackson Hole to have. Most of our customers are first-timers, so we have a great deal of experience with novice rafters. Most, but not all beginners choose our Classic Raft for their first REAL WHITEWATER experience. Groups up to 14 people (and in rare cases 16) choose this raft so they can all be in the same boat together.

Small Boat, Big Ride

If you’re looking to turn your Snake River experience up a notch, Lewis & Clark is your best choice. No other outfitter offers a raft more exciting than our 13-foot self-bailers. With 4-7 paddling positions, this truly small boat guarantees more thrills per mile than any other on the Snake. It’s not just an “8-man raft.” It’s Jackson Hole’s smallest guided boat. Minimum age is 8-10, depending on conditions. Rafts launch at West Table and take out at Sheep Gulch in the Snake River Canyon, with 8 miles of Class II and III whitewater interspersed with calm stretches, even some opportunities to swim. Trips take 3 1/2 to 4 hours round-trip from our office at 335 N. Cache.

13-Mile Scenic Float Trip

Our 13-Mile Scenic Float Trip is the best value in a scenic float trip in Jackson Hole. The bald eagle is king on this stretch of the river, among the finest habitats for our nation’s symbol in the lower 48 states. Osprey and Pelicans compete for the native cutthroat trout as well, and moose, deer and elk occasionally appear to take a drink or escape the summer heat. Children as young as 3 are welcome. You’ll enjoy the warm summer afternoon in the beautiful surroundings of the Snake River and its cooling waters.



Q How long is the trip?

Time on the river varies from 1 ½ hrs to 2 hours. Round-trip from our office is 3 ½ to 4 hours.

Q Does everyone have to paddle?

We must have a minimum number of paddlers in each raft, but there is always space for people who prefer not to paddle.

Q Do people fall out of the rafts?

On occasion, yes people do fall out when whitewater rafting. Fortunately, the Snake River is primarily a clear channel, relatively free of mid-channel rocks to bump into. Our guides are all trained in swiftwater rescue techniques. They are experts at taking care of people in any river situation, in or out of the raft and are trained and experienced in a number of methods to retrieve people from the river. If you fall out, self-rescue is always the first option. Swim towards the raft unless instructed otherwise.

Our safety record is excellent.

Q Can I really take my kids?

Yes! We set minimum ages for kids based on long experience. We take kids rafting EVERY DAY. During normal river flows, our minimum age for kids on Classic Whitewater is 6, for Small boats is 8, and for Scenic Float Trips is 3. During high water these minimum ages can rise, depending on conditions. Owners James and Karen have two children and understand the challenges and joys of taking kids rafting. When adults express trepidation about rafting themselves, we often reply, "we takes kids as young as six." Kids can be placed in the middle of the raft if they like, and the layout of the raft is perfect for putting kids in places near their parents. But we know that not all kids are alike. Indeed you may have a 7-year-old who is gung-ho, but an 11-year-old who is extremely cautious. We get that, and we are happy to have conversations with any parents who have questions or concerns. It's what we do.

Q What happens if it rains?

Whitewater trips are rarely canceled due to weather, and never due to rain alone. Only in instances of severe weather would a trip be canceled. It is also important to remember that your trip launches nearly 30 miles from town, so weather here is likely different that it is at the river. Always check in for your trip at the appointed time because conditions at the river are often completely different from those at our office in town. We have high-speed internet access at our office that allows us to watch real-time doppler radar and make informed decisions at the time of the trips departure.

Q What should I wear?

We provide a splash jacket to every customer free upon arrival at the launch site on our whitewater trips. The best clothes are ones that dry quickly. A bathing suit is usually the best way to start. Synthetic shorts or trunks and a light polyesteror other synthetic shirt are fine for warm days. Cool days require a bit more preparation. Always avoid heavy cotton clothing like jeans or sweat pants and sweatshirts. Cotton is extremely absorbent and will soak up all that river water, making you wet and cold. Synthetic clothing such as polar fleece, rash guards, exercise wear, thermal underwear, nylon jog pants, tights and polypro are your best choices when the weather is cooler and are all better choices than cotton. For maximum comfort on cooler days, a wetsuit may be the best choice. They’re available for rent at our office. Secure shoes are required for all trips. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Sneakers are fine and sandals are good on warmer days, but they must have a heel strap and stay on if you had to go for a swim. (no flip-flops or Crocs!) Neoprene booties are available for rent as well. We also recommend that you bring along some dry clothes to leave on the bus. They’ll be waiting for you there when you get off the river.

Q What class rapids are on the Snake River?

On a scale from I-VI, the rapids on the Snake River are class II-III during normal water flows. During the springtime run-off (typically the first couple weeks in June), we do have waves that can get up to a class IV. When the river gets up to these levels, our minimum age limit may change. We do suggest that if you are planning a trip for the first couple weeks of June and you are traveling with kids, to give us a call to make sure that our age limit has not been raised.


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