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Fajardo Kayaking Tours

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Kayaking Puerto Rico is a young, innovative, Puerto Rican adventure company specializing in recreational and environmentally-oriented excursions on the eastern side of Puerto Rico. KPR stands by their high customer service standards and wide variety of tours, which makes it a top choice for visitors and locals alike for over 10 years.

KPR strives to share the beauty and energy of their protected nature reserves with adventuresome visitors to the island. They offer a team of highly-trained, dynamic, and fun professionals, and an enduring mission to always bring you The Best Tours, PERIOD!

Puerto Rico is one of the few places on the planet where bioluminescence occurs. On the island, the best option to see it is in the Fajardo Bio Bay. We offer kayaking trips to the Bio Bay, as well as snorkeling and kayaking trips to tropical islands and beautiful white sand beaches.

Tour Information

Kayaking Puerto Rico is a group of young people in love with the island of Puerto Rico. They wish to share it with the world, and offer a great selection of kayaking tours to do just that.

  • Discover bioluminescence on the eco-friendly Bio Bay Fajardo Kayak tour.
  • Pilot your own, zippy mini boat in the Mini Boat Beach and Snorkeling Adventure tour.
  • Culebra Island Aquafari Kayak and Snorkeling tour is the ultimate kayak + snorkeling adventure.
  • If you want it all in one day check out the Bio Bay & Rainforest Combo tour.


Fajardo Kayaking & Snorkeling Tours Rate per Person
Bio Bay Kayak Tour $52
Mini Boat and Snorkeling Adventure Tour (price depends on people per boat) $65 – $170
Culebra Island Aquafari Kayak & Snorkeling Tour $55 – $79
Snorkel and Beach Tour Aboard Innovation $68
Bio Bay and Rainforest Tour $139

Looking for more adventure in Fajardo? We also offer surfing lessons and more – check out all of our Fajardo adventures!

Trail Info

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Bioluminescence is one of planet Earth’s best-kept secrets. Tiny organisms make the water glow at night. These organisms found the perfect place to live in the Fajardo Bio Bay.  This eco-friendly kayak trip will allow you to experience the Bioluminescent Bay’s sparkles and glowing swirls.

This bioluminescent bay is part of a nature reserve, and the entrance is a beautiful mangrove channel. All along the way you are surrounded by protected life, and at night, the stars fill the sky!

Mini Boat and Snorkeling Tour

Ride your own Mini Speed Boat! Follow the convoy through a string of secluded islands. First stop: Icacos Puerto Rico! On the route, enjoy white sand beaches and guided snorkeling along the best coral reefs of La Cordillera Nature Reserve. Plus, your Mini Boat comes packed with snorkeling gear, snacks and refreshments.

No boating license needed! This is a fully-guided excursion. Just choose the number of friends that will ride with you!

Culebra Island Aquafari

The Aquafari is one of our most impressive excursions. Culebra Island is a snorkeler’s paradise. The clearest waters, white sand beaches, and a great variety of sea life. Snorkeling in Culebra has no comparison!

The journey starts at Tamarindo Beach. You will kayak through turquoise water and craggy shorelines to the world-famous Flamenco Beach. Enjoy two snorkeling sessions at the Luis Peña Reserve. Swim with turtles and snorkel through vibrant coral gardens.

If you are on the main island, go with our Culebra Aquafari Full Day Trip. It includes round trip ferry tickets!* For guests staying in Culebra, our Culebra Aquafari Morning Excursions are the best choices.

Snorkel and Beach Tour Aboard the Innovation

Snorkel Icacos island aboard The Innovation.  Pioneered for Nautical Tourism, The Innovation became the first vessel to transport diving and snorkeling tour groups in Puerto Rico. The Innovation offers daily snorkeling excursions from Fajardo to Icacos Island.

Icacos Island is part of La Cordillera Nature Reserve, an Island chain of the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. Icacos is now a popular destination for snorkeling and beach combing.  It provides great coral reefs formations and excellent white sand beaches. The clarity of the water and sandbars attracts boats from mainland Puerto Rico and neighboring islands.

Rainforest and Bio Bay Tour

Experience two of incredible natural attractions in Puerto Rico all in one day! Kayaking Puerto Rico has teamed up with Island Journeys to provide you this full-day package, bringing you the best of the East Coast.  SAVE BIG and take the guesswork out of your planning with this all inclusive tour including: Round Trip Transportation, Fully Guided Rainforest Tour, and the World Famous Bio Bay Kayak Tour.

Professional guides will take you on an interpreted hike through El Yunque Rainforest, where you can cool off in a natural swimming pool underneath a waterfall, or slide down a natural water slide.  Rope swing or cliff jump into the river before enjoying lunch at a local restaurant (not included in price).  Then discover the bioluminescence at the world famous “Laguna Grande” Bio Bay.  Wrap up the evening with a paddle through the red mangrove forest while looking for constellations.


Q Can we tip the guides?

If you wish to show your gratitude for a job well done, our guides would certainly appreciate it! The most common way to tip workers in Puerto Rico is to give them 10% to 20% of your total fee.

Q Why is swimming not allowed in the Bioluminescent Bay?

There are several reasons why swimming is not allowed in the Bioluminescent Bay. Most of them have to do with ecological impact and safety:

To keep the waters clear and free of sedimentation. The organism that produces the bioluminescence — Pyrodinium bahamense— needs clear waters to complete the process of photosynthesis during daylight hours. If groups of people jump into the water, they will stir up the sediments from the bottom of the lagoon, making the water murky, which hinders photosynthesis and threatens the life of these glowing organisms.

To keep the lagoon free of pollutants. Deodorants, hair gels, skin lotions, perfumes, insect repellents containing DEET, and other personal care products contain chemicals that directly affect the bioluminescent organisms of the bay.

Q Is it easy to get in and out of the kayaks?

You will board your kayak on easily accessible, shallow waters. If you need help getting on and off the kayak, our staff will gladly assist you. Your guide will begin the tour with a short orientation on the basics of kayaking, from getting in the kayak to rowing properly.

Q Is food included in the tour?

Our Bio Bay excursion includes SNACKS: (water, fresh fruit,and granola bars.) However, these are not intended as dinner. We recommend you have dinner before or after the trip.

Q What about valuables, do you provide storage?

Absolutely! We can provide secure inland storage for any valuables you may want to leave behind while Mini Boating.

Q How safe are the mini boats?

Our Mini Boats cannot sink or capsize, and they meet stringent safety regulations. Both the Mini Boats and their safety equipment are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources.

It is very unlikely that you fall off our Mini Boats. Nevertheless, all boat drivers wear a “kill cord” bracelet that shuts off the engine instantly should they fall in the water.

An experienced, professionally-trained guide leads the tour and ensures that you have a safe and comfortable ride. Each tour guide is a licensed boat captain, thoroughly trained in safety procedures including CPR, first aid, and marine rescue.

Q Do I need a boating license to join the Mini Boat Tour?

Do I need boating experience or a boat captain’s license?

No experience, specific skills, or licenses are required to pilot your Mini Boat. This excursion is suitable for everybody, from the age of 6 to… no limit on the other side! However, the person you choose from your party to drive the Mini Boat must be 18 years or older.

No experience, specific skills, or licenses are required to pilot your Mini Boat. This excursion is suitable for everybody, from the age of 6 to… no limit on the other side! However, the person you choose from your party to drive the Mini Boat must be 18 years or older.

Our tour route is located within the Fajardo Roadstead, where the waters are sheltered and usually calm. At times we may ride in open water where, although usually calm, the sea can get choppy. Therefore, we strongly recommend guests with neck or back problems to not participate in this excursion and consider other tours we offer. Pregnant women cannot participate in this excursion.

Q If the ferry to Culabera gets delayed and we are not able to take the trip, will we be charged?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! In the event of weather-related cancellations made by the ferry port or our staff, or if for any reason the ferry arrives too late to take the trip, Kayaking Puerto Rico will not charge your card for the trip.

However, in the event that you arrive late to the ferry port and you miss the ferry, then you will be responsible for the full payment of the trip.


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