EP 15: Mountain Bike Tour With Local Experts in Moab Podcast

Mountain Bike Tour With Local Experts in Moab

Our journeys in Moab continue. This time we dive into one of our other favorite adventures – mountain biking.

Today, we spoke with Kirstin Peterson at Rim Tours to talk about the history of mountain biking in Moab and the different adventure opportunities there are in the area.

In addition to our conversation about the different tours they offer and her love of mountain biking, we chatted about some of the craziest stories she’s experienced as a guide.

Segments from the episode:

[0:00] – Intro

[0:05] – When did Rim Tours start?

[4:15] – How far does Kirstin ride per year?

[14:23] – What are some of Kirstin’s personal favorite tours?

[24:45]  – What did the early days of mountain biking in Moab look like?

[31:20] – How to book a tour with Rim Tours…

[36:00] – Memorable stories from the days before cell phones and GPS

[43:25] – Level of experience required to take tours with Rim Tours in Moab

[49:00] – Kirstin’s favorite things about mountain biking

To book your next human-powered bike trip in Moab, visit us at https://www.tripoutside.com/s/moab-ut/mountain-bike/

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